Lisa Scheller For Congress

by Barry Weinstein –

Lisa Scheller, Only for Her Love of America / Country is she running for Congress in 2020, just like President Trump who Endorsed Lisa Scheller for Congress.

“I’m Lisa Scheller and I’m not running for Congress to make money. I’ll donate my entire salary to Lehigh Valley charities, ban politicians from becoming lobbyists, and stop congressional pay raises. I approve this message, because I’ll stand up to corrupt politicians.”

I met Lisa the other day. Lisa was direct, forthright, and clearly committed to the foresight that is necessary for the Freedom & Liberty upon which this Constitutional Republic, America, was intended to be and has been Founded upon.

Today, October 26, 2020, President Trump came to the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania to promote the ever so Historic and successful MAGA policy decisions that Trump made and implemented. The MAGA policies implemented by Trump’s Administration are in reality decisions based upon the Freedom & Liberty of “We The People” as intended by the Constitution.

Lisa Scheller was there, right up front. She looked great up there, when the cameras panned the audience.

The election is merely eight days away and the President of The United States of America is leading ‘Peaceful Demonstrations’ around the country to promote the tangible freedom and success he has promulgated for the All of the American people; oh yes! and No Discrimination of any sort is allowed against any American, as Everyone’s fortunes have in fact improved because of President Trump, the business man.

Susan Wild, Lisa Scheller’s opponent in the November 3rd election for Congressional Office, is claiming (allegedly) to represent you and your interests here in the 7th Congressional District, which includes Lehigh, Northampton and part of southern Monroe County in Pennsylvania.

The reality fact is that Susan Wild is a typical zombie of the Socialist / Communist so-called Left ideology.

Essentially, Susan Wild might be also referred to as an Ideology Mongrel. A little bit from this Cuba ideology and little bit of that China or Venezuela ideology and ideology from Iran and very, very little of the American ideal, which is the ideal held forth by stalwarts like Lisa Scheller.

Susan Wild is a chameleon who claims to be your best friend here in Pennsylvania while at the same time taking orders from the anti-America ‘Democrats’ who are destroying every State of which they are in charge of.

Susan Wild’s leaders are, the hate America cabal, Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco, California and Chuck Schumer of New York; Both are Failing miserably and are Locked down States amongst other uncivilized conditions, look it up on any search engine.

Lisa Scheller’s, ‘Product’, is one of being an Entrepreneur, an employer and very successfully provides a product which requires foresight and wide interaction with the economy, people, and other businesses towards Liberty in general.

Susan Wild’s is a lawyer and as such she is a ‘Control Freak’ as are all the other lawyers as members of the Judicial Branch. That is Attorney Wild’s ‘Product’ the restraint of Freedom and Liberty by writing and implementing laws and regulations and then enforcing them through their partners in their law firms.

At this very time there are more laws on the so-called books than anyone person is capable of knowing or needing. Welcome to the lawyers in Congress’s  and State legislatures world.

On top of that ‘Control Freak’ thing that drives socialists / communists / leftists is the fact that without lawyers there would Not be a judicial branch of the Federal or State government/s. Lawyers are in fact the Judicial Branch.

So, that leads me to the following: Aren’t there supposed to be Three Separate branches of the government/s. The Executive, Legislative and Judicial?

Since the stated three distinct branches part is in fact correct, why are members of the Judicial Branch… lawyers, running to take over the other two branches? Could it be to overthrow the government in order to implement their ‘Control Freak’ authoritarian socialists / communists / leftists’ totalitarian government?

Susan Wild must NOT be allowed to have two seats in government, the judicial branch and also the legislative branch. That is a conflict of interests. Just as having the two lawyers Biden & Harris being seated in the Executive branch as both are lawyers.

Susan Wild’s aspiring leaders, Joe Biden & Kamala Harris are both lawyers as well, as I said. Notably, to my knowledge, every single person that has been the president or has run for that office, on the Democrat Party side, has been a lawyer, with the exception of President Jimmy Carter.

Harvard Professor Alan M. Dershowitz, wrote a book covering the Democrat President Jimmy Carter as an Anti-Semite.

Wild volunteered on Jimmy Carter’s 1976 presidential campaign and today 2020 is a supporter of the democrat VP candidate Kamala Harris a close ally of the well known staunch and hate filled anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan. So, Susan Wild maintains her anti-Semitic posture as she runs for re-election to promote that horrid ideology of hers to be your next representative in Congress.

One last matter here: While, Susan Wild’s political party, the Democrats the Governor of Pennsylvania Tom Wolf, (more at Gov. Tom Weasel in my opinion), and Presidential Candidate Joe Biden as well as the VP hopeful Harris demand that everyone be locked down and wear masks in order to save lives which at this point in time in the USA is about 225,000 deaths; their Mongrel Ideology of Socialism / Marxism / Communism has historically killed hundreds of millions worldwide, in China, the USSR, Cuba etc. for generations.

Now that is the most lethal ever engineered, man-made, virus!

Add to the above list of reasons and facts as to why NOT to Vote for Susan Wild.

Wild voted for the following:

U.S. House Joint Resolution 46

Terminate border wall emergency declaration

To terminate President Trump’s declaration of an emergency at the U.S.-Mexican border, which allowed him to bypass Congress and re-allocate funds to build a border wall.

U.S. House Resolution 755

Impeach President Trump for abuse of power

To impeach President Donald Trump for abusing his power in calling for the announcement of a Ukrainian investigation of a political rival (Joe Biden) in exchange for a meeting with the president and the release of previously-approved foreign aid. Upon passage of these articles of impeachment, the Senate will now hold a trial on removing the president from office, which would require approval by a two-thirds majority of senators present for the vote.

U.S. House Resolution 755

Impeach President Trump for obstruction of justice

To impeach President Donald Trump for obstructing justice by directing White House officials to defy subpoenas and otherwise obstructing an impeachment investigation being held by the House of Representatives. Upon passage of these articles of impeachment, the Senate will now hold a trial on removing the president from office, which would require approval by a two-thirds majority of senators present for the vote

U.S. House Concurrent Resolution 83

Direct President Trump to end hostilities against Iran

To adopt a non-binding House resolution directing President Trump to end military action in or against Iran unless Congress authorizes such action.

In contrast here is a bit of Scheller:

“As a Republican Jewish woman and the granddaughter of Jews who immigrated here legally over 100 years ago, I will always speak up for American principles and defend our Constitution. I will not sit by idly when members of Congress make anti-Semitic remarks and support legislation that is inherently anti-Israel.,” Scheller said.

This is now entirely up to you folks! Vote! Your future and the future of those you hold dear is on the line.  Lisa For Congress gets my vote! Trump for President!

Remember this as it applies to Pennsylvania and the other 48 States as well:

by Thomas Jefferson, Notes on the State of Virginia 
“The time to guard against corruption and tyranny, is before they shall have gotten hold on us. It is better to keep the wolf out of the fold, than to trust to drawing his teeth and talons after he shall have entered.” “An elective despotism was not the government we fought for; but one which should not only be founded on free principles, but in which the powers of government should be so divided and balanced among several bodies of magistracy, as that no one could transcend their legal limits, without being effectually checked and restrained by the others.”

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