“Lies, Lies, And More Lies: Apparently A Way Of Life”

by George Weir –

Over the past seventy four years I have listened to all sorts of lies, some of these lies were what we call (Tall Tales), or another word for these lies might be (Humorous story’s), then there are the lies that seem to separate one from his money.   I’m sure we have all experienced these lies if we have bought a used car, being promised that it was
“a sound one owner car”, but all it really turned out to be just another lemon, or have been taken in with a (Get Rich Scheme) and not reading the fine print at the bottom which is difficult to read with a 20/20 vision, or possibly we have been taken in with a (Feel Good Scheme), such as, give me your hard earned dollar, and I’ll pass it on, but to find out that they  just pocket the money, and your left holding the bag believing you done something worthy, but in reality you were taken in by the old lie of deception.

We live in a time when lies are regarded as “Just doing business, it’s just a little lie, not hurting anyone, just trying to get by” but in reality a lie is a lie and the means don’t justify the end results, it will always come back to bite, and in most cases it is painful.  The sad part is that society seems to expect these miss-truth, and deceptions as the norm, in other words,“ We know it not the truth, but it’s not directed at me so what harm is in it”?

But in reality lies do hurt, and no one is immune, it’s finds it way into the social fabric of our society, for instance, we all see the need of assisting the needy, and we all see the benefits of social programs that are intended toward helping those with addictions and those that are handicaps, but many Americans are dubious about donating money realizing that some of these supposing good neighbor effort are only a well thought out scheme.  The American people are a generous and giving people and at times all too anxious to be taken in with deceptive practices promising good works on their behalf.

I’m not writing this article to discredit or name names of any charitable fraud cases, they are on record for anyone to find.  The purpose for this is to remind everyone that not everything that looks to be the truthful, may not be.  There are many very good (charitable Institution) doing good work, they should be commended.

When I was a youngster there was an elderly man that delighted in telling (tall tales), for the most part they were very interesting stories of adventure, and, we would set and listen, of course we knew that they were a fragment of his imagination and some of his stories are even told today amongst some of the older people such as I, but sometimes I wonder, are we just too accustomed to hearing tall tales, and half-way believing them, knowing all along they are not true?

Which brings me to politics; it seems that lies have become a way of life or possibly a way of survival when caught in the sticky murky waters of deceit or possibly the fear of seeming ignorant, which ever the case may be, political lies reach into the lives of all people no matter where they live or their station in life, whether they be rich or poor, educated or uneducated, they have a far deeper implication into the most important decision that the American people will ever be asked to perform, “Electing the Leaders that will be making policy that will effect everyone”.

Sadly in recent times we have been bamboozled, mislead, lied to and deceived by some of the most prolific liar’s in recent times.  Politics and lying are not a new thing in modern times, but, it seems as if it has been taken to a higher level.

We have been introduced to the (Gates), such as Watergate, IRS Gate, Bengiza Gate, NSA Gate, ACA Gate, now in recent day in New Jersey, Governor Chris Christie has found himself in a George Washington bridge Gate.  Out in the political circles there are minor (Gates) and there are Major (Gates), but whether major or miner they have been conceived by lies, cover-ups, and misleading words from those that have been elected to lead and make policy.

To set the record straight, the jury is still out on the Chris Christie incident, but never the less, and what ever the out come may be, lying is still evident somewhere in government, and the trust in our government officials have been shaken once again.

Giving Governor Chris Christie credit for this, he did go to extreme measured by coming before the American People, and even more so before the people of New Jersey and offer an apology for the very ill advised actions of some in his circle, but, due to the climate of lying in high places, will anyone believe his apology?

Governor Christie was thought to be the front runner in the GOP bid for the 2016 bid for the White House, but due to GW Bridge debacle, his chances may be torpedoed by those that are intent on lying or exercising their fifth and not giving the people the full truth of the matter.

The Obama Administration could take at lest this lesson from Governor Christie, acknowledge the fact,( a fact that we all know), that they have made mistakes, and that they have taken steps that will insure that these incidents will never happen again.

The American People have been subjected with lie after lie with the Affordable Care Act.  And these lies will not only hurt those that have put their trust in the ACA, it has effected the lives of millions of people.

The American People are still waiting on the truth to the Bengazi terrorist attack, but, all they receive from the state department is cover-ups, and lies, but the worst part is when Hillery Clinton said these word concerning the murder of four Americans..”What does It Matter Now”

The big lies of 2013 came from President Obama when he promised the people, while looking straight in their eye and said,  “If you like your Health plan, and if you like your doctor, you can keep them”  folks, This wasn’t a mistake, it was a lie.

The American People have been indoctrinated into believing that it’s (Just Politics) business as usual in the way of getting elected, and as long as the people except this as the truth and chose the lies that we really wish to hear, if it will assure that the candidate of our choice will get elected we will be bombarded with lies after lies because we except them, but for the future of this Great Nation and to secure our safety from foreign nations that look for America to lead in world affairs, our leaders must lead with truth.

The future generation can only be taught truth by seeing truth at home and in their schools, and by those that they look up to as leaders.  It is imperative that we hold these schools and our elected leaders to a higher level of honesty, and it must start at home, with the parents.    

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