Lib & Con Diehards Cut Down Both Grass & Blossoms

….and with it this envisioned politics of isolation and solitude, in the eyes of the famous English poet


Cowper we could be a dying nation inside, a sepulcher of the living where the good just simply grow sick and die.

the Grass and the Blossoms

The problem with Liberal and Conservative [Lib & Con] extremists is that when they deliver the quo de grace on each other they both cut the grass and the blossoms. Notice that as the 2008 presidential election heats up, to win the White House is all what matters.

The most important issue that would make or break the ideological and political campaigns of the Left and the Right to win public support is this protracted war in Iraq. Let’s not pretend that this is not the main issue that the contesting Libs & Cons could win or lose the election. It is on this issue that both sides are trying to knock out each other.

For example, listen to the televised presidential debates of the Liberal and Republican nominees that swing across the country. The most telling blow the Republican presidential aspirants deliver against their Liberal counterparts is warning the American public that it should not make a fatal mistake of electing a Democrat president because once a Democrat is elected, the first agenda of the new Liberal administration is to withdraw our troops from Iraq. This Liberal commitment fits the agenda of terrorists … the enemy to vanquish … the grass the Republicans want to weed out from the fight of the century against terror.

Actually, the combined combat forces of terror in Iraq led by Syria and Iran hope that America withdraws sooner than later, so that the goal of islamofascist hegemony could be easily achieved by establishing an Islamic Empire in the Middle East based in Iraq. [Congressional Record, Council on Foreign Relations on the War on Terrorism, FDCH e-Media, December 7, 2005.]

Thus terror leaders all over the world are hoping that in this 2008 presidential election, American voters would sweep Liberal candidates into power. [World Net Daily interview of terror’s leadership worldwide, November 2, 2006]

With this Liberal agenda on American withdrawal running parallel with the war agenda of terror, the Republican campaign wants Americans to know that their Liberal opponents are this country’s coddlers of terror.

Not to be upstaged by this dangerous Liberal pledge to the American public on troop withdrawal is the participation of the enemy within – those who hate the government deep down the marrow of their bones who want “this evil American Empire” destroyed – who are in comfortable cohorts with leftist ideologues agitating for a radical change.

But does this matter? To the Democrat presidential candidates and their allies from the extreme Left, hardly, for as long as down the campaign trail White House is won. When donkeys and elephants fight for power, they don’t care about the grass and the blossoms that are crushed under their feet.

It may be a surprise for the American public to know that the danger associated with troop withdrawal is not a monopoly of the Democratic hierarchy alone on the road to White House … it is not even a registered copyright platform of the Liberal presidential candidates who are desperately wooing us to flip over to their side.

For, obviously, the Republicans are also in pare delicto – and perhaps, even worse.

Notice the agenda of one of GOP’s presidential aspirants on Iraq disengagement. It is as much an exact copy of the agenda of Democrat presidential candidates as it is a duplicate copy of terror’s jihad program on American troop withdrawal from Iraq – terror’s relentless campaign of attrition to drive American forces out of Iraq. It is under this agenda of terror in Iraq, that our casualties are mounting. It is to this seemingly no-win situation that the attention of this particular GOP presidential wannabe is drawn. Jolting the American public with a bizarre accusation that 9/11 is the fault of Americans, he hopes to attract support that would make him win the Republican nomination, and ultimately, the presidency.

According to this conservative candidate who is campaigning to become the first Republican president with an agenda that jives with that of the extreme Left and that of terror, Americans are to blame for the occurrence of 9/11, which means that terrorists have no fault at all when they destroyed the Twin Towers and the Pentagon and killed thousands of innocent Americans. When this Republican becomes president, terrorists cannot be blamed for another 9/11 or worse. A president-elect of this kind, who is either a harvest of the radical Left or the extreme Right, could set a nuclear brownout and plunge us all into the Age of Darkness.

This horrifying possibility is not farfetched. It could no longer be swept under the rug. In making excuses for terror to commit mass destruction and genocide, the mind of a president-elect of this kind becomes the mind of terror itself. In one of GOP’s presidential debates the said Republican candidate for president declared before the American people without blinking an eye that terrorists attacked America “because we are over there” [in the Middle East, specifically in Iraq]. “They don't come here to attack us because we're rich and we're free …They come and they attack us because we’re over there."

From this thinking of a president-elect – God forbid — a new foreign policy could emerge which would assure every American that America will not be attacked once we withdraw our presence not only from Iraq but also from around the world.

It is also in the agenda of this GOP candidate to recreate America once he is elected president … a new nation for all Americans without income tax, and in just a matter of time, followed by the abolition of the Federal Reserves. America could revert back to the simplest economics of the earliest Neanderthals that first walked the earth. Once we have this economics of the cave and this new politics of solitude and isolation, we are knocking at the door of a dark era in modern times … the bad grass the Liberals want to cut down for their reject-the- neocons-vote-for-us pitch, to bloom.

The blossoms trampled upon in the heat of this ideological conflict are what we need for our national survive.

For example, last year we the people, acting through Congress, passed the Military Commission Act which the president signed into law. It was mercilessly attacked by the Left. The Act legalized with nary a doubt, the existence of the military tribunal that tries terrorists outside of our criminal and civil courts where terrorists can hide behind the citizens’ civil and constitutional rights, and free themselves to kill again. Under this law, terror cannot enjoy the same rights of Americans they murdered. They took away from their victims the right to live.

Under this Act, the Constitution is cast aside for the nation’s survival. Captured terrorist that sowed terror across the land and left dead bodies in the wake of violence and destruction have no right to habeas corpus; it was of utmost necessity that the President is given the power to identify or designate enemy combatants when terrorists detonate their bombs while hiding as congenital cowards behind the skirts of civilians.

In the campaign trail, this blossom for survival is crushed by ideologues from the Left. Among the weird oppositions is this publicized dig on the President of the United States … that “No president should ever be given the power to call someone an enemy, wave his hand, and lock them away indefinitely.” It is a cynical attack, which exhibits the height of ingratitude. This coddler of terror would have been probably dead by now had we the people acting through Congress not passed the Patriot Act, the forerunner of the Military Commission Act of 2006.

There is no doubt that with this blossom for national survival, terror is halted on its track of annihilation – at least temporarily stopped from mass murdering Americans and blowing up America to smithereens. Rather than be dead, Americans who passed the military commission law through Congress, would prefer that terror is locked up in detention camps till hell freezes over. No civil rights hangover at the wrong time and the wrong place that distract our collective determination to fight and defeat the slimy enemy and treacherous invaders in this war on terror.

The only difference between this particular Republican agenda [the rest of the GOP candidates have their own] from the agenda of governance of the Democratic president-elect if it occurs is that no Liberal presidential candidates advocate global isolationism whereas the agenda of governance as promised by this particular GOP candidate for president, includes an absolute renunciation of America’s present world leadership, and out of spite a disconnection with the United Nations, and a severance of any tie-up or relations with anything that the UN stands for.

If as a consequence of a self-imposed seclusion the plug of relationship with any other countries deemed hostile to our national interest is pulled off, isolation is complete. America becomes a living sanctuary that stands as a fortress continent between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans … the universe’s only castaway in the age of Starwars and cyberspace.

We can look at this strange new world through the eyes of English poet William Cowper and see what he saw in the politics of isolation and solitude: “Solitude, seeming a sanctuary, proves a grave; a sepulcher in which the living lie, where all good qualities grow sick and die.”

In the impending Age of Darkness Lib & Con diehards, while at each other’s throat, simply cut down both the grass and the blossoms and stupefied, let our sanity fly out of the window. #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access December 06, 2007.

The writer is a veteran diplomat-journalist for more than 45 years and a recipient of excellence awards in journalism. He is a former Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations; he is also an economist, a lawyer and an Association of Southeast Asian Nations specialist on fiscal policy and regional industrial cooperation. His human interest writings and editorial insights appear in other publications and published in several websites. A brief comment may be e-mailed to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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