Letter to Editor published: Battered Men Need Assistance Too


Battered men need assistance too

Feb. 19, 2013 2:12 PM, |
After reading Congressman Frelinghuysen’s letter defending his record of protecting women (Feb. 18), I take great exception that men, who comprise almost 50 percent of those battered, are not being protected. The federal Violence Against Women Act is unconstitutional on its face. All funding and programs go to battered women’s services and shelters. Not one dime is going for battered men’s services or shelters. It’s taxpayer fraud.

According to the website of Stop Abusive and Violent Environments, www.saveservices.org, an organization involved with the Domestic Violence Legislative Project ­ a network of state-level advocates seeking to protect victims, stop false allegations, and counter abuse misinformation, false allegations of domestic violence account for approximately 75 percent of all cases.

Dr. Martin Fiebert of California State University has established a huge bibliography of empirical information ­ www.csulb.edu/~mfiebert/ assault.htm ­ that shows women are more violent than men. There is a systemic bias against men that occurs to the point that men are arrested when they are being battered by a female, they are laughed out of court because they’re men, and government willfully refuses to provide any funding for battered men.

False domestic violence allegations are constantly used by women, advised by their lawyers or women’s groups in family court to obtain unfair advantage in divorce and child custody disputes. This is criminal fraud.

If Congressman Frelinghuysen is so co-opted by women’s groups and willfully refuses to help battered men, I will organize my thousands of members in his district to vote him out in the upcoming election. Congressman, we demand battered men’s shelters and services in New Jersey.

Bruce Eden


Dads Against Discrimination (DADS)

Advisory Board

Families Civil Liberties Union (FCLU)


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