Let’s Make Obama Fight To Get On The Ballot In 50 States

[Editors: To All – Anyone living in any State can challenge Obama's attempts to get onto the ballot in your State — see Eden letter below. He will need to get lawyers for each Challenge. Obama is not a natural born Citizen and his "Birth Certificate" is a forgery. As a result B. Hussein Obama cannot run for the Office of The President of the USA. NWS Will gladly publish every challenge and letter involved or action involved. So stay tuned for the upcoming documents and the fight for America.] ###

"Mr. Eden,

This is in response to your letter dated

February 9, 2012, with regards to Barack Obama's eligibility to run for the Office of President.

To date, no petition for Barack Obama has been filed. There is an administrative procedure in the State of

New Jersey to challenge a nomination petition. If and when a challenge is filed, it will be dealt with accordingly. The challenge deadline for the Primary Election Candidates is

April 9, 2012.

Thank you for your interest in this matter."

Sincerely Yours,

Robert F. Giles, Director

NJ Division of Elections

The NJ Department of State's telephone number if anyone wants to request administrative procedure to challenge Barack Obama's eligibility to run for President in

New Jersey is (609) 984-1900.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >>

I would be game to join anyone from

New Jersey on the petition, or start a petition to object to his eligibility and have others from

New Jersey join on.

Bruce Eden

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