“Let it Fall”

….the hearts and minds of people of nations who no longer value how good they "have it". For some, it doesn't matter how much has been achieved, how much good has been shared, how much has been sacrificed or how much has been given. Like that spoiled child, who has been given everything they desire, but was never taught to fully appreciate all they have received from their overly generous parents, the people of these nations believe that they are somehow "owed" more.

Here in America, it appears we are no different. Every two years we hold free and open elections and we are presented with politicians who make empty promises and preach of "hope and change". They tell us of all they can do for us; they tell us how much they will "give" to us; and they tell us they are "different" than their opponent because they are more committed and filled with integrity and are more "mature". We listen intently, and then some will carefully choose and consider all that's been revealed; while others will simply follow whatever the "popular" vote appears to be. We then enter the voting booth to punch holes incorrectly into a piece of paper and are rewarded a cute little sticker that says "I voted today!" Like gleeful children, we happily place the sticker on our chests, (as if we were given a gold star from our favorite grade-school teacher), then march on back to our daily grind, each hoping that our candidate will win.

Once the "winners" are decided and we find ourselves with new "leaders" we hope they will take care of us as they promised, delivering goodies of all kinds; not unlike our parents who showered us with those candies and gifts that spoiled us so.

The immediate response is that of gratification. Again, like a child who just bit into a scrumptious chocolate bar we are immediately satisfied, but once the bar is gone, the desire for more sets in and our own discontentment begins to rear its ugly head. We begin to whine, bellyache and essentially throw little tantrums, demanding more and more, all the while complaining how that guy/girl over there has been given more than you have, how, "it's just not fair!"

Of course, our friends, the "media" loves to help us in our tragic display. They come to the aid of those who complain the most and do all that they can to increase the volume of the poor crying child….and just as in a pre-school romper room, the protesting and adding of more noise creates a bigger and bigger tantrum scene, until finally the whole room of children is crying loudly.

We make demands such as "fix our education system"…"give us healthcare for free"…"make my employer pay me more"…"help me, I want to own a home"…"find me a new job, my boss is a jerk"…and on and on.

And again, like that unreasonable and out of control child in the midst of their tantrum, we fail to hear what is being said to us in response; we fail to recognize that in many cases, we have already been given more than most. For instance, healthcare – 75% of Americans already have some sort of medical insurance coverage and ALL Americans are already entitled to medical care and aide when needed, per the "The Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act of 1986."

We whine because we want someone else to pay for all of our medical needs, emergency or not. 50 years ago more than 75% of the American people had medical insurance and most used it only in the case of an emergency…as insurance was intended to be used. The desire by both the medical profession and responsible Americans, for a voluntary healthcare system with limited government intervention, kept medical costs low.

Today, however, we rush to the doctor at the slightest sign of a runny nose and then complain that our insurance rates continue to rise. We don't recognize that we have acquired better technology, better medicine and better care; we just keep demanding more and we dare to demand that it be free! We fail to recognize that when government was kept out, our rates were affordable. Our costs have increased as we have pulled government into the industry through the institution of regulations, welfare programs, bureaucracy and oversight.

Currently, we are on the hook for $57.3 trillion in federal liabilities to cover the lifetime benefits of everyone eligible for Medicare, Social Security and various other government programs.

Our national debt is currently at 60% of our 14 trillion dollar economy. Currently, we have a 1.4 trillion dollar budget deficit, though it promises to grow substantially more under Premier Obama – possibly rising much closer to 65% of our GDP. (NOTE: The deficit is NOT our debt. Public debt is $10 trillion.)

And to appease the Liberal readers, YES, President Bush increased spending as well, but let's at least give him credit where credit is due. He spent billions of tax payer dollars on victims of major catastrophes such as Katrina, the tsunami in Sri Lanka and of course, 9/11. In addition to sending billions to Africa to assist millions in need, likewise, here at home, President Bush signed into effect the Prescription Drug Benefit program which is estimated to cost tax-payers upwards of $1.2 trillion dollars over the next decade alone…so much for getting anything for "free!" Also noteworthy, we point out that the bailout to Wall Street during the Bush Presidency, was a government loan to be paid back…NOT a permanent taxpayer funded "gift!" Compare that to the 780 billion dollar giveaway from Pelosi, Reid, and Obama, all courtesy of the American tax payer!

Ironically, both political parties and many Americans constantly cry over how much we, the US, spends. How high our deficit is. We bicker back and forth…"He spent this" refuted with, well "He spent that", and "we are heading into bankruptcy as a nation", contradicted by "we will never go broke as a nation", etc. Yet, the numbers tell a different story. Politicians on both sides use this bickering to gain more tenure, to maintain their seats in office and continue to tell us how much we "need" them in government to take care of us. In the meantime, our society is getting older, baby boomers are getting close to retirement and fewer and fewer are being born who will grow up to support them. In fact, experts predict a 10 million worker deficit to baby boomers over the coming years. If you think we are in trouble now, you aint seen nothing yet.

So we sit here complaining about all these broken systems and programs that the government 1) created, then 2) derailed and then we demand that they, the government 3) fix them!

We have paid trillions, upon trillions of dollars for broken systems; systems that were designed poorly, are run inefficiently, and are almost completely ineffective. And why should they be? There is no incentive other than, "the more money you spend…the more money we (Uncle Sam) will allocate to you!"

We all recognize there are financial issues prevalent in our society today, but what we do not recognize is that the main cause of our problems is directly due to government involvement. Sadly though, we continue to call on the government to get bigger, take over more, and create more inefficiency and bureaucracy.

Unfortunately, no matter how failed the government is, people still expect it to "give" them something; to "do" something for them; to "owe" them something; and why not? They collect and then spend trillions of our money! We should get a little something for it, right? And that is the problem. This nation would not be as divided as it is, had the government remained small and limited, as the Founders intended.

Government is the culprit today, dividing this nation. The government is giving people something to fight over…to fight about. People complain about corruption in big business, yet what about the corruption in "big government?" It is alive and well and it's no wonder, they have trillions of dollars of our money in their hands, makes perfect sense that corruption exists there! If the government did not take our money, we would not expect anything in return from them…well with the exception of their one clear Constitutional duty…DEFENSE from foreign invaders.

We are Conservatives, true Conservatives. Some say that we are dinosaurs…outdated…going extinct, etc. That we have not "evolved" with the rest of America, that Americans want more government control, and that the majority does not agree with us. Well, maybe they are correct, only time will tell, unfortunately though, when that time does come (and it will), it will be too late for America, for Americans.

So on that note, we shall share what we propose "we" should do. Of course, since we are not in control, yet…what we propose will likely, never in a million years happen, but we will still propose it.

We propose that the Republican Party, completely dissolve for a minimum of ten years. Do not run in elections; do not vote in elections; do not gather for meetings, do not politically strategize and poster; just fade from existence.

If the American people are child-like enough to vote for a larger, more controlling and intrusive government, knowing full well that government programs, systems and departments fail time and time again….then they should be able to fully experience such a government, without vacillation.

If the only thing the Republican Party is going to do anyway; is to "evolve" into the kind of party that caters to the child-like voters of the US, becoming more and more the Democrat Party LITE, then we say…let it fall.

The very nature of Socialism eliminates the requisite for a two party system and today, the only result it produces is to split the spoils of the rape, (that we, as taxpayers are currently being violated by), among more people. Simply put: it has only created more jobs for and in, the government, expanded wealth redistribution and provided even greater entitlement programs.

Therefore, for the good of this nation and all it's people, we must let it fall, so we can one day, build it back up again. Be assured, with this Congress and this administration leading us, we are indeed falling. With the current swarm of bailouts, governmental expansionism, and the ever widening gyre of spending, we are following the route of California, Illinois, and New York right into bankruptcy. Our government has simply: 1) become too big to sustain itself, and 2) drifted closer then ever towards Socialism. In fact, it will not be much longer before we have reached absolute Socialism, as it is very clear, that through the ignorant consent of far too many, we have plotted a course directly for it.

T. McCarthy & N. Goodridge


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