The Lessons Obama Has Taught Our Youth

by George Weir –

In the past it was understood by most Americans that being (Honest, Hard Working, and being a Loyal American) was the preferred method of being a leader, and these are the essentials that fathers and Mothers have tried to instill into their children, but, thanks to President Barack Obama our youth have found that these principles can be circumvented by those that are good at circumventing, and President Obama has proved to be a great ‘circumventer’.

It has always been understood that to be a candidate for President, a person, Man or woman must be a (Natural Born citizen).   And if I understand anything, this must be beyond controversy, but the jury is still out on the evidence that Obama is actually natural born.  Frankly I don’t know, but every America should know, there shouldn’t be any question, but apparently Obama has circumvented the issue and for the most part it has been sweep under the rug and for many forgotten.  One would think that anyone seeking to be president would do everything possible to prove his citizenship, and by the way, to prove citizenship shouldn’t be that difficult.  If you are, you are, if you ain’t, you ain’t!  It’s that simple.

Now I will admit, President Obama isn’t the first to show a lack of honesty, but he has been able to make it an art form, and this has been accomplished with (Practice, Practice, and more Practice).  From the very start Obama made this promise , that his administration would be transparent, but as we all know that lasted about one day, if that long.

I’m sure that we all remember the Benghazi terror attack, when four Americans were murdered during the invasion of America’s consulate in Libya, and the lies that followed.  President Obama sent out his puppets to make the rounds on Sunday talk shows to tell America everything but the truth, and so far the President hasn’t suffered any consequences except for possibly a small down tick in the polls, which apparently doesn’t faze him a bit.  But America and it’s youth have seen lying and cover-ups at their best, with no shame, and no punishment.   Yes, we Americans are learning that lying and cover-ups are just a part of our great American way, and that blaming someone else for America’s problems is another way around responsibility and excepting the position of being a leader.

After making behind closed door deals, we now have the Obama Health Care Package, which has proved to be littered with lies from it’s conception, such as, (You can keep your doctor), or the lie that it will save a lot of hard earned money for the middle class, and it’s going to be the best thing since the light bulb, and under this package, we the government will take good care of you the people, because we care.  The American people were sold a socialist bill of goods, but I’m sure that this has been a good lesson for the cheater of the world, and those that would rather lie than work.  Yes this administration has brought us a long way, and I’m sure that the youth of our nation have paid close attention to the leaders and the underhanded way they handle difficult problems.  They have been great teachers of how to (Pass the Buck), and for the longest President Bush was the (Buck).

It’s hard to imagine how a president can go from one scandal to another with such ease, but when you think about it, it’s simple, (Just evade the truth with a big smile), and send out the puppets as cover, and make all the easy talk shows, and tell the people what they wish to hear, that’s the trait of a good crooked salesman.  I’m sure they are taking notes on how to deceive the people.

President has also taught America how to deal with sticky problems, and those nagging people that seem to just hang around and ask questions, such as Journalist and reporters.  The President has taught us to just talk and talk and talk some more when asked questions that we has rather not discuss, yes, we have learned a lot, but is there any way to put it to practical use?  The only practical use I can think of is running for political office.

The President has also taught us how to overcome stress.  (take up golf, or possibly pool) or just about anything that will get one out of the house or office into a more pleasant atmosphere .  President Obama has made getting out of the office and onto the golf course when the getting gets tough a highly skilled art.  For instance, when the world was watching what he was going to do with the thousands of illegal immigrants were invading our southern border, and many of the were just toddlers, he decided to pass the buck onto someone else’s shoulders, but for his part, he decided to go on a fund raising campaign, then play a little pool and drink a little beer.

This will very helpful to the youth as they are embarking on the more unpleasant aspects of becoming a concerned citizen, and taking their part in the American dream.  They are surly learning how to evade the responsibility of being a mature person that is not out for show, but results.

Yes, we have learned a lot from this president, such as when speaking of America, we need to make  apology for her greatness and her generosity and to show to the world that we are just like to rest.  And when it comes to defending our ally’s we might if it doesn’t put us into a position of using the military.

And last but not lest, we must remember, it was this president and his administration that has taught us that morality is not something we need not to concern ourselves with, and under this administration we have learned that the Constitution can be changed by just the pen and telephone.

For the sake of this great nation, I just hope that the citizens of America have learned better, and that our youth have been taught the difference between truth and lies, if not, we are in trouble as a Nation.

The powers that be have the responsibility to set the course of a nation, but if the course is to be strait, it must be set with honesty, and example.

Oh, by the way, Obama has shown a real gift of trading, such as five hardened terrorist being traded for one deserter from the military.  True the jury is still out on the Sgt. Bergdahls guilt or not guilty, but according to those that were serving in his unit, he left his post on his own accord.  But the five that were traded, they will once again try to kill Americans.

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