Lesbos in Limbo

It should be illegal to have ladies night, giving them free drinks and who knows what else. Like the spiders to the fly, luring the young men in, that is what it is all about, isn’t it?

Wait a minute did they say ladies, Lesbos aren’t ladies are they? They are in there for same reason men are, WOMEN, so why should they get free drinks? Shouldn’t men get free drinks too? Let’s start a movement – all men drink free on pay day. Leave some of the cash for the REAL ladies.

You ask how can you keep Lesbos from drinking themselves silly. Easy – have two stacks of magazines at front door, and say "Free – take one". One stack will be Playboy and the other Playgirl. If they pick the wrong mag…. You guessed it. They pay like the rest of the guys.

So remember guys next time you see a ladies night, make sure they are not men looking like ladies and demand a men’s night. Hey, equal rights isn’t that what they keep saying. RIGHT?

And by the way gals….. please learn to leave the toilet seat up for us guys…. thanks.

John Clark

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