Leader in Seattle’s CHAZ ‘White people, I See You. … I Remember Your Faces’

by Chris Enloe –

Excerpt: A protest leader in Seattle’s so-called “Capital Hill Autonomous Zone” demanded on Friday that white occupiers give their non-white counterparts money — or face retribution. …

The protest leader went on to subtly threaten the white occupiers by saying that he would remember them.

“White people, I see you. I see every one of you, and I remember your faces. You find that African American person and you give them $10,” he said. “Do it!”

The CHAZ, established on June 8 … covers six blocks in downtown Seattle.

As TheBlaze reported, Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best said violent crimes, such as rape and robbery, have occurred within the CHAZ, but police officers have been unable to adequately respond.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan (D) has defended the CHAZ. (NWS Note: Obama appointed her United States Attorney for the Western District of Washington – Commie)
|June 13, 2020


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