The general opinion in

America, I recall, is that lawyers are not liked, if not hated or trusted either. Yet, as the election for the next President of the

United States of America approaches, all of the Democrat candidates are lawyers. What the? It must be the, dumb down, fluoride in the water that is forced upon American sheeple, that has been orchestrated for that purpose, by their Presidential candidates party.

There is also an attorney in the Republican ranks running for the Presidency. But at least there is a choice of a doctor, businessman, clergy, and former military officer, as well as a lawyer.

The complaint department regarding Congress is clear; Congress has never had such a low evaluation by the American people before. The country is facing a 53 Trillion dollar deficit. Millions of jobs and manufacturing secrets are fleeing abroad. Corporate taxes are the second highest in the world of nations. There is an illegal foreign invasion of 30 to 40 million border crashers taking Americans jobs, driving down the wages of Americans, feeding themselves at the “Free food trough, free education trough, free medical treatment trough” at the taxed expense of the hard working American people.

This is the result of a Congress which has over 50% of its population of elected officials being lawyers. Lawyers and more lawyers have occupied the Capital of the

United States for to many years and thus the Nations governments’ coronary problems, I say. A government heart attack is on the way.

Nevertheless, the left and with help from the right continue electing lawyers to the seats of power. Stupid is as stupid does, seems apropos here.

Aside from this detrimental rush for lawyers is the issue of a conflict of interest on the part of lawyers, who are lifetime members of the judicial branch; it is one of the three branches of the American government.

There is a Separation of Powers Clause in every Constitution of the States of the

United States and of course the U.S. Constitution as well. So what? That is the general conduct of the lawyers who have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution of the

United States and the States as well. Add to that, the deception of the American people duped into voting for a lawyer when they are running for a job in a second branch of government simultaneously, we have the recipe for disaster and that is what is happening. Blame



Bush all you want, but he “aint no stinking lawyer”. “We don’t need no stinking lawyers" in more than one branch of the government, ever.

The Judicial branch of the government, in violation of all the Constitutions and their oaths of office, has overthrown the government. All of the judges are lawyers; the congress is occupied by more than 50% being lawyers. If a lawyer takes the office of the President the take over will be complete, with all three branches of the

U.S. government controlled by judicial branch “officers of the courts”. Have you noticed that none of the candidates mentions that they are lawyers as to their background? Why not? Becoming a lawyer is hard work. They know better than to wake you up, that's why!

The Constitution of the State of

New Jersey is the clearest of all, here it is.

New Jersey is one of the original 13 colonies.



Updated Through Amendments Adopted in November 2003



The powers of the government shall be divided among three distinct branches, the legislative, executive, and judicial. No person or persons belonging to or constituting one branch shall exercise any of the powers properly belonging to either of the others, except as expressly provided in this Constitution.”

One other concern. What happens when a lawyer leaves the Legislative branch? They likely go to work in a law firm, practice law on the laws they passed. Were the laws passed as a Quid pro Quo for the future job? Did they a receice a phone call from another officer of the courts — lawyer — asking them to pass another law so that the law firm could make more money at the expense of the average American? I am inclined to say yes. As Jimi Hendrix put it almost: "Hey Joe, where you goin with that law in your hand?"

These are the facts now you decide for whom to vote.

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