Las Vegas NV: This is A True Story Of “Judicial Child Abuse”

… Judges are clearly protecting themselves instead of my children or very likely yours.

The evil good ol’ boys club strikes again and again and again. Where? District Court, Family Division – Clark County, Nevada. Case no # 06-d363825 – filed 10/5/2006.


We must give all children faith that they are secure and safe or we rob them of their childhood, self-worth and their ability to succeed in the world. There are no words that can truly describe the emptiness, the despair of being criminalized and intentionally alienated from your children, unable to protect them from abuse. No words obscene or vulgar can accurately portray those in authority, who abuse children and destroy families without conscience or thought. There was nothing more devastating and demoralizing than when I realized that my Constitutional Rights and rights as a Father do not exist. That all crimes and all violations committed by Lawyers and Judges may never be addressed or prosecuted. Most of all, the abuse is going to get worse if I continue to fight for my boys and what is right.

Four years of Judicial Child Abuse and Alienation. I James P. Anter filed for divorce and custody of my two boys Riley, age 5 and Nick, age 14 on 10/05/2006 at District Court, Family Division. Clark County, Nevada at 601North Pecos road Las Vegas 89101-2408. I filed on grounds of mental cruelty and abuse. The first line in my complaint for divorce states,” My wife, Shannon Anter told me many times that I had to put up with her cheating or I would never see my children again”. Her Mother and two older Sisters had each done the same to 3 or 4 men in there lives who had Children with them. The Family tradition of Alienating Fathers from children s lives, false accusations, collecting child support and moving on to the next boyfriend continues today with a 100% success rate. My wife trained her niece “Summer” and by the time she was 18 or 19 she had a child, a new boyfriend, child support and a restraining order against the father. It is impossible as a father to defend against these violation’s of Basic human Rights because the court allows it without question or penalty. Situations like this destroys the basic fabric of morals our country was built on. The future America is at risk.

X-Partaie. Shannon went to Sam Anter for help concerning our divorce, Sam is my estranged step-father, an attorney specializing in family law for over 40 years in Las Vegas, NV. I ended up in Sam’s favorite Judges Court room, Department B Gloria Sanchez. Sam Anter threatened me early on, “One bad word to Judge Sanchez and you will never see your kids again.” Sam followed through with his threat. Over 4 years now we are still married. Over 40 years ago Sam Anter was Mothers Attorney when she divorced my real Father. We never saw our real Father again, my Sister and I would be slapped if we ever mentioned his name, “David Cote“. Sam and Barbara were married less than a year after the divorce. On 8/8/07 Sam Anter went to family court and ordered all court minutes from all of my hearings since I filed for divorce. He also got a copy of Jeff Depollo and Deana Depollo's hearing minutes from there divorce, (Dena was my 1st ex-wife). Sam got the minutes from the only hearing Sanchez presided over in 2 years of proceedings. The case was moved from department F, Miley to department B, Sanchez. This was after Sam Anter was asked, off the record to represent the children by their friends the Grandparents. That hearing was the final decision on property and custody of twin girls. The Grandparents unofficially got what they wanted, Sanchezs decision reflects this fact. Sanchez denied involvement with this case many times. The Register Of Actions prove Sanchez involvement. Her attempt to cover it up and lying about involvement proves collaboration and malice. Sam Anters interest in my divorce case and the Depollos case prove his involvement and his collaboration history with Sanchez. Sam requested the minutes a few days after I notified Sanchez that I knew she was involved with the Depollos case as a favor for Sam.

My children are abused by their Mother, her intentions are to alienate me as their Father. My Children continue to be abused and further alienated from me, intentionally by Family Court Judges Sanchez, Miley and Henderson. The Family Court Judges #1 obligation main is to protect children from abuse. They have failed intentionally. The Judges and lawyers malicious intentions towards me have over ruled our civil rights and our guarantee of equal protection under the law. The right to have fair and honest proceedings don’t apply if somebody knows a Judge willing to help them out with there divorce. The defendants in this case worked together in collaboration with FC Judges. The abuse and crimes continue, blatantly with no regards to law or my children safety. It is impossible to find a lawyer who will file suit against another lawyer or Judge rendering the Eleventh Amendment useless. Eleventh Amendment does not protect state officials from claims for prospective relief when it alleged that state officials acted in violation of federal law.

Rights cannot be lost if they don't exist. The US Constitution has been abolished at Family Court LV. I have been found guilty of no crime, although accused of hundreds. My Children probably believe that I am a criminal by now. Over 4- years of alienation and abuse is all my Children know as real. All good has been wiped away, any promises destroyed and all hope gone. The damage is done, time gone, is lost forever. There is nothing that can be said to relieve the pain and anguish, that has become our life.

Criminalizing people is a “Means to and end” in Las Vegas Court Rooms. If you throw enough dirt in the water the water becomes dirty. Any person who has filed a complaint with the Judicial Board of Review or State Bar, soon finds out that it was a waste of time. I would be happy to share my experience I had with both the BAR and JBR to prove my point. Judges and Lawyers benefit from immunities while acting as their own authorities. There is a reason why the prisoners do not run the prisons…

Judicial Child Abuse. Family Court Judges protected their colleagues and their egos instead of protecting my Children from harm. Those Judges intentionally abused my Children, using them as weapons against their own Father. Those Judges intentionally did not follow the Rules of Civil Procedure. Those Judges intentionally ignored and violated many Nevada Revised Statues, and allowed them to be continually violated by Defendant’s Council in my divorce case. Particularly those Statutes concerning protection of Children.

Not with-standing our Civil Rights that continue to be violated in many ways. It seemed surreal, to be in a Court of law, defenseless and bearing witness to the intentional destruction of your children s lives while being criminalized by the criminals. The constant rape of our human rights and total disregard for the Laws, Procedures, and Rules. The Relentless Quest to Criminalize me never stopped or slowed down enough so that I could defend against this fraud. This was done so that I would always be defending myself against frivolous claims with no merit. This fraudulent activity kept the real issues from ever being addressed, this protected the defense from having any accountability for there violations. Any moral Judge would have stopped this illegal activity.

On 12/13/06 my attorney Michel Root at our first hearing in front of Judge Sanchez stated that “He scoured the paperwork on file and that most of the defense counsel allegations were not in there, going shooting, guns, knives, it comes as a complete sand bagging surprise to us“. My Attorney, Donn Procopious at our hearing on 22/4//07to find the defense in contempt of court asked Judge Sanchez to uphold the discovery and disclosures laws that have been constantly violated by the defense council.

Stating that it is “Game playing, done at any cost, no matter what, to keep me from my Children“. Sanchez ignored every single request my lawyers made. Less than 1 minute after Donn's request I was accused of murder and poisoning my family. The defense passed out fraudulent document in court in violation of the disclosure and discovery rules that Donn asked to be upheld. Sanchez allowed this fraud without question and took away my visitation, later Sanchez would not allow the evidence in court proving that fraud and child abuse, “ the cps records“. Judges Miley and Henderson intentionally blocked all evidence of crimes and abuse committed by the defense and her council as well. My rights as a Father and my obligation’s to protect my Children never existed in Family Court LV. My children s God given rights to be with there Father have been intentionally denied with malice.

Criminal acts of fraud, Child abuse and endangerment continued until I could no longer go to my hearings in an effort to stop it. Judge Henderson insisted on having my 16-year old boy Nick testify in court at the evidentuary hearing, against my objections. Henderson removed all of CPS reports and appearance from the evidentuary hearing. CPS did 4 investigations over 6 months and had taken my Boys from Mom. My Boys were handed right back to their abusive Mother without any explanation, she was facing serious criminal charges according to CPS. Henderson would not allow messages left on my phone by my Wife’s attorney at the evidentuary hearing. I was told that I could go to my Boys school as a supervised visit approved by Judge Sanchez. I went and was arrested the day I was supposed to be in court asking for a reduction in Child support and no supervised visits. I objected to Henderson’s order to have my Boy testify in court because they have already been put through hell and questioned 30 or 40 times by CPS, Police and Investigators it was all in the CPS reports. Henderson stated that I did not want him to have information and that I did not want to see my Children. Henderson removed any testimonies about other Judges and attorneys from the evidentuary hearing as well. I waited almost 3 years for a evidentuary/trial hearing and was promised a full day in court. Henderson reduced the hearing to 3hrs and delayed the hearing further. Forgeries, fraud and falsified documents were submitted by the Defense Council, knowing that even if they were caught there would be no repercussions for their illegal activities. Anything I submitted or filed as evidence proving crimes, set up's, forgeries and fraud were ignored, lost or delayed then not allowed as evidence at trial.

The CPS reports have been removed from calendar, deleted, delayed, ignored or lost by all four Judges who have presided over my case. The 4th Investigation CPS initiated was stopped intentionally before any evidence was collected. Stopping the investigation was against the recommendations and wishes of the CPS case worker Rena Ramberg and her supervisor Pat Kelly. By law a full investigation must be completed and documented by CPS when Children are removed from a home. By law there must be a case closure report explaining the reason why the case was opened and closed done by CPS. By law both parents are to receive a copy of the case closure reports provided by CPS. By law a person has 30 days after receiving the case closure report to appeal the closing of the CPS investigation and its findings. By law any home that a Child is placed into or returned to must be evaluated or investigated by CPS and deemed to be a safe environment before Children can be given residence there. My right to appeal the decision to close the CPS investigation was denied, when CPS could not provide me the case closure reports. CPS removed my Boys from the custody of my wife for there protection. Case worker, Rena Ramberg stated to me that my wife was facing some serious criminal charges. The CPS investigation was stopped by Judge Gibbons as a favor to Sanchez in order to save my wife from prosecution and to make sure that the illegal, immoral and negligent decisions made by Sanchez were not verified with facts.

Tampering with and concealing files. Judge Sanchez took my files from records and keep them in dept B chambers for about two years or until everything was electronically filed.

Many trips to records to view my files were wasted trips, including my 2 attempts within 9 days before the trial. Henderson’s law clerk called to inform me that I could view all of my case files in Henderson’s chambers several days after the trial was held. Sanchez and Henderson have intentionally concealed my files. Anybody interested in viewing our case files would have to make an appointment with either Judge to view those files. The concealment of our case files was done so that Judges could control who saw my file and what content could be viewed. I could not verify the tampering with of my files without access to them, witch is illegal. My files have been tampered with the court minutes prove this fact. With the new electronic filing system, who is responsible for the content contained or not contained in any case file? I believe that any mistakes, missing files or changes concerning files in our case will be blamed on clerical issues or loss of files during transfer to digital. The injustice of a Judge being able to control every aspect of your case is terrifying. No Judge should have the ability to maliciously ruin lives and abuse Children with such ease and collaboration. My Children’s lives have been recklessly endangered, permanently altered and damage on many levels due to the corruption at Family Court LV.

Judicial Fraud , Orders and Abuse. At the hearing to disqualify and removeJudge Henderson from our case Chief Judge Author Richiee stated to me that there was no trial/evidentiary hearing held. Blackstone records reflect that a trial was held and a decision was made concerning all trial issues. As far as I know no orders were signed by Henderson and I have never received any orders from trial. My wife cut off all visitation to me although the orders were never signed. I could not file for appeal if there are no orders,another violation of our civil rights. Henderson was not removed from our case although no body from the defense showed up at that hearing to have him removed. I went to Family Court on 6/27/10 and found out that my case was closed months ago and that orders were singed by Henderson on 1/8/10, almost 1 year later. I was never provided with a copy of the orders, apparently I lost all of my Parental Rights except for the Child support payments. It is way past the deadline for an appeal to be filed and I'm not sure If I have any legal recourse or options’ because of the time passed since orders were filed? I was not provided with the Orders intentionally, Henderson will denied this fact if ever questioned? When Child support was reduced those orders were never signed or filed as well, I lost my license to drive because of that fraud.

The defense council had the audacity to complain about the Child support in the rears to judge Henderson who called me a bum demanding proof of my injuries. I spent 7 week in intensive care at UMC medical burn unit. I was injured pulling a dog out of a burning vehicle and stopping it from rolling down a hill into oncoming traffic. I have the police report. I have 2nd and 3rd degree burns over 30% of my body.

Hundreds of Violations. It is in the collection of continual on-going violations and injustices done in the same manner, by the same people, over and over again that prove criminal intent and collaboration. There are so many blatant obvious violations of Code, Rules, Ethics Statues and Law in my case, it is mind boggling. Any reasonable person of sound Mind, who is without complete knowledge of all our State Statues and Laws etc, can recognize the overwhelming injustice done to all in my divorce case. It is very disturbing that, Judicial Child Abuse Is nothing more than tool used by judges to get a desired result at Family Court LV.

Evidence, The Court video proves Judicial Crimes. All court video of the hearings case# 06d363825 have been rejected and ignored, by the Family Court Judges that are in them. Video that I filed as evidence in my case. The Court Records all Hearings so that Court Officials and Judges can review them if needed. The Court Minutes from case # D363825 are completely inaccurate, done to build a case against me. The Judges presiding over my divorce case would only acknowledge there own delusional interpretation of record, “The Court Minutes. I had to put the Court Video on the internet to protect my self and to inform all people of what is going on at Family Court, Las Vegas NV. The video highlights the violations and the injustice of the Judges presiding over case 06D363825. The reason the Judges reject my Video as Evidence is, they are guilty. The fraud, that Judges have my Children s Best Interest in Mind is the most disturbing, considering the fact that my Children were the no# 1 weapons used against me by Sanchez, Miley and then Henderson. I encourage everybody to watch the video. I would ask that all good Judges, Lawyers and Politician’s get involved. Please take the time to view the video, put your self into my Childrens shoes and do something to stop this abuse.

Go to to watch the video

{Full uncut videos of all court hearings are available upon request}

Judge Henderson attended the hearing, “My request to have Sanchez recuse from my case” later after Sanchez is forced to recuse he becomes our Presiding Judge Henderson sits alone for two hours behind me at the hearing to recuse Sanchez and stays after the hearing is over. In addition Henderson refused my request for a restraining order. CPS reports were an exhibit in my request for the TPO to show that my wife is capable of anything. Henderson denied my request for that TPO without any testimonies or questioning my wife. Henderson did not give any explanation or finding of fact to back up his decision that was coerced by Sanchez.

Fraudulent Court Minutes and Cover Up. Most of the serious allegations like murder, poisoning and filming porno's in front of my five year old never made it into the court minutes. proving that the Judges did not belief that those allegations contained any truth or fact. How ever Judges issued orders that kept me from my Children based on those bogus allegations. In short my children and I have been punished for crimes not worthy of the court minutes. Allegations that were fraudulent, without any merit and ridiculous, if included into the court minutes would be hard to explain why there was never a criminal investigation of those allegations ordered by the Judge. Donn Procopious , an officer of the court requested CPS get involved, after I was accused of poisoning my family and murder. Donn stated that “The situation is very scary and a criminal investigation is warranted”. I had to call CPS on those allegations against me. CPS took the boys from there abusive mother. CPS found out that those Dr reports on poisoning were falsified

Collaboration is contagious. Judge Sanchez terminate Andy Montoya’s Parental Rights, ( my wife’s X- boyfriend) so that I could adopt his daughter, done with out his knowledge. Sanchez executed Mr. Montoya’s parental right in chambers as a favor for Sam Anter. Sam, while bragging, admitted to me my wife and our daughter that that Sanchez was his favorite Judge at Family Court that his wishes were her command. In addition Judge Sanchez hand picked several evaluators that were done Pro-Bono at her request. I spent less than 1 hour with each evaluator. Dr Holland and Glen Horlatcher. Both refused to acknowledge the evidence and facts in our case. My request to both evaluators for more time was denied while my wife was allowed more time to make new allegations. Which allegations Sanchez based her orders on. Those reports from hand picked evaluators who wasted no time in criminalizing me and keeping me from my Children.

Both alleged evaluations were done at the request of the Defense Council and Judge Sanchez an obvious conflict of interest existed not withstanding the violating of State Statues that don’t allow the hand picking of evaluators.

My Wife violated her own restraining order and the JPI laws on 7/13/07. Six people with a U-haul truck on a Sunday after noon vandalized my house, while neighbors watched. $10.000 in damage. They stole over $20.000 in joint property not including $7.000 of my work equipment and my dog, “Rio” My dog was taken to get me to violate a restraining order, I did not, so my Wife killed her. My sealed arrest records from 1992 were stolen as well, copies were made and then submitted as evidence against me in violation of my civil rights. Sanchez allowed all crimes without comment or question and ignored my request to get my dog and work equipment back.

I hold all judges in my case responsible for the damages done to my family and our lives, including all politicians and government agency's who are by oath to do things right, morally and legally.

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