Landmark illegal alien Landlord trial=criminal enterprise

Lexington Kentucky McClatchy Herald Leader newspaper reports Hadden the indicted landlord who rented to illegals and hired illegals to do his dirty work targeted Hispanics in a growing Hispanic neighborhood.

He kept newspaper clippings about the growing Hispanic population (which obviously discussed the 90% of illegals in the population) but denies any knowledge of the illegality of renting to illegal aliens.

Hadden's defense is he didn't bring illegals into the U.S. or force them to stay. He only gave them housing to make a profit. Hadden bought the properties in 1998 at the same time Lexington Kentucky designated itself as a sanctuary city in meetings with the Hispanic Task force set up by then Mayor Pam Miller.

The Hispanic task force worked to find a way to provide housing and public services to illegal aliens to provide a cheap work force for horse farmers on the task force represented by the Through bred association and other influential tobacco farm owners.

They had reported a need for the cheap labor and requested help from the city to handle the logistics of getting the illegals to Lexington and providing them with the Housing and medical services they needed to stay in the city.

It is odd that Hadden then decided to use loans from his wife and parents to buy Apartment buildings in the area of town designated by the sanctuary city to be the Mexican part of town. The Cardinal valley school was set up to teach their children and the Land lord association anxiously awaited the opportunity to rent to the illegals with the guaranteed protection of the local government officials.

The police implemented a don't ask policy and provided police Identification Cards for illegals at the Police department on Main street. Criminal employers and landlords who worked in conjunction to provide the necessary logistical supplies and services, many supplemented by the thorough bred industry and the Local criminal government were assured by the police department (Fran Root) that police would not interfere.

At the time there was no political will at the federal level to enforce the law and the criminal employers and landlords were assured there would be no cooperation with local police and the federal agents.

This scheme to provide an opportunity for the Haddens and other criminal landlords and employers to make profits from criminal drug and human trafficking was common knowledge in the city of Lexington. It was a frequent topic on talk shows, in letters to the editor, on local television news shows and even in the local newspaper.

Local government and the Hispanic associations funded by the local government made grant requests for more park money to provide equipment for parks near the Hadden apartments reporting this was a growing hispanic area that needed the improvement.

Other widely known criminal activity including the arrival of a Mexican bus carrying illegal aliens to work on the farms has a stop in Gardenside only a block or so away from the Hadden Apartments.

The logistical supply scheme needed the active participation of criminal employers and landlords who would provided the illegals with both jobs and housing. They needed individuals willing to aid abet and harbor illegal aliens for this wide spread criminal enterprise to succeed.

Local government went to the expense necessary to provide medical care through the Local health department in violation of federal law, they contributed money to a fund that was supported by the horse industry and united way, they hired mexican nationals to work in the local government to coordinate illegal funding for government services provided to illegals and to provide protection for the criminal employers.

These issues were all widely known in the city and particularly in the area where the Haddens decided to buy an apartment complex to provide housing to illegals for profit.

There is no way in the world that Hadden did not know nor willingly participate in this city wide criminal scheme that is continuing to this day in Lexington kentucky with the full support and financial assistance of the Local government and its elected officials.

The division of Parks and the Department of Health recently held a Health Fair in Valley Park only 1mile from the Hadden Apartments, to educate the Mexican illegals about the free health care provided to illegals at the health department. They use federal funding to give the benefits to illegals without determining beneficiary eligibility, many knowing directly the people getting the benefits are illegals.

The LFUCG provided the services of fire department equipment and employees to help attract more illegals to educate them about the criminal illegal benefits they have defrauded the federal government with.

This widespread criminal enterprise can not succeed without the full cooperation of all the participants, the criminal employers, landlords, local government and treasonous elected officials. This group is highly educated in the ways to avoid detection and prosecution by the federal government. There are several free legal services that get local government support and funding to aid them in the education aspect of their criminal enterprise.

The cost of this criminal enterprise is devastating on the local community as it acts as a reverse funnel transferring wealth from the taxpayers and victims of crime to the criminal participants in the criminal scheme to violate the federal law and defraud the federal government. Violation of public trust is a routine practice.

Given that background and admissions in court by the criminal landlord Hadden it is unimaginable that these criminal schemes can continue unabated.

This important landmark case is one that will determine if the United States is in fact a nation of laws or a nation of criminal enterprises run by corrupt local elected officials in conjunction with political contributors who profit from the criminal acts of others and themselves.

We the People must continue to report all criminal activity to the FBI, ICE and other appropriate authorities. We must demand an end to the destruction of our cities and our nation by this criminal enterprise.

The Following Herald Leader report provides the latest breaking news. The trial should go to the jury today.

We must all watch the outcome of this trial. Our very lives depend on the execution of justice for without it we will continue to experience the anarchy and lack of peace.

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Posted on Fri, Jun. 27, 2008


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Landlord testifies in immigration case

Says goal was to profit by renting to Hispanics

By Shawntaye Hopkins

Pablo Alcala | Staff

William Jerry Hadden

A Lexington landlord charged with harboring illegal immigrants at two apartment complexes testified on Thursday that he never intentionally violated any immigration laws. But he said he took steps to keep costs down and make money in a growing Hispanic area.

"Have job, will rent. That was my policy," said William Jerry Hadden, 69, during his testimony in U.S. District Court.

Hadden is charged with 24 counts of harboring illegal immigrants, 24 counts of encouraging illegal immigrants to remain in the country and five counts of money laundering. Hadden and his son, Jamey, who is in Vietnam, rented to 60 undocumented immigrants at Woodridge and Cross Keys apartments. The case will probably go to the jury Friday.

Prosecutors say that Hadden intentionally marketed to illegal immigrants and knowingly rented apartments to them in order to make money. Defense attorneys say that Hadden was not intentionally harboring illegal immigrants because he did not bring them to the United States and did not force them to stay or hide.

Looking directly at the jury, Hadden described his desire to make a nice investment with his son and laid out the events that led to Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents rummaging through his files and carrying away boxes from his management office.

When Jerry and Jamey Hadden closed on the apartment properties in 1998, Jerry Hadden said he wanted to be sure there was a return on the investment made possible in part by loans from his wife and parents.

But vacancies increased as time passed and costs escalated, he testified. Jerry Hadden said he got rid of his management company and began running the apartments himself. He said he cut all but one phone line, stopped advertising because he felt a road sign would be more profitable and stopped running credit reports on new applicants.

Jerry Hadden said all he wanted from apartment applicants was employment information that showed the tenant could pay the rent.

Hadden testified that he asked for any form of identification, mostly so that he could spell names correctly on the lease.

Social Security numbers were not filled out on many of Hadden Associates' applications, which were shortened and translated to Spanish. But Hadden said he didn't know of any requirement to obtain Social Security numbers from tenants.

Defense attorneys and a field representative with the Social Security Administration who testified on Wednesday have noted that some people who are legally present in the United States don't have Social Security numbers. But the field representative said those people would have some form of U.S. government-issued identification.

Hadden said on Thursday that he did not ask people about their immigration status because he was fearful of violating fair housing laws.

He said he didn't know that employees Juan Apodaca, a maintenance man turned general manager, and Tony Rivera, another maintenance employee, were illegally present in the United States.

Juan Apodaca has testified that he used his son's Social Security number to get the job. Apodaca said he accepted IDs not issued by the Unites States government and assumed the tenants with those IDs and without Social Security numbers were illegal.

Tony Rivera was arrested a few times while employed by Hadden Associates, Jerry Hadden testified. But, Hadden said, he was surprised when an ICE agent became involved in one of the arrests.

Soon after that, Juan Apodaca told Jerry Hadden that he was illegally present in the United States. And, Jerry Hadden testified, he had to fire an employee he'd treated like his own son.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Frances E. Catrone-Malone questioned why Hadden, who said he clipped newspaper articles about Lexington's growing Hispanic population because he was interested in the topic, didn't try to learn more about immigration laws.

In her closing arguments, Catrone-Malone said Hadden Associates "created a safe haven for a group of illegal aliens, a place where they could come to and reside in relative undetection."

Defense attorney Tucker Richardson said Jerry Hadden made good business decisions: having a Spanish-language application, switching from cash to money orders after he was robbed and posting a sign in Spanish to show tenants how to fill out money orders.

"The government wants to make every little thing that he did out to be sinister," Richardson said.

Patriot Mark Lowry United we Stand "End Free Trade" Advise for no emails Lex Ky citizens are scared to protest criminal alien invasion or report gang crimes, we fear local government and can't rely on sanctuary city police, "When even one "American" who has done nothing wrong, is forced by fear to shut his mind and close his mouth, all Americans are in peril."Harry S. Truman

/SU71?hl=en ht Jefferson-No truth exists I fear or wish unknown to the whole world" Civil War a day closer, retired in hell worst US sanctuary city state corrupt Lex Ky Stop invasion, boycott Ky 2010 Equestrian Games, Derby anything Mexican,, Paine "He who dares not offend cannot be honest" Treason -War against U.S., adhering to aiding U.S. Enemies, 1st opinions, assembly & petition govt. for redress of grievances, use or lose. Madison "Public opinion sets bounds to every govt. & is the real sovereign in every fr ee one."

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