Lady Liberty

….In the shadow of all

the greatness that lay

sleeping within.

Forgotten, for a time,

the reason

I was chosen to hold

the torch of Liberty

for all to see.

Laid to rest with the

patriotic dead

Their American dream.

But. Patriotism will forever

live to fight for freedom again.

To the four winds I plea,

In the name of Peace

"Take warning! My name

is Lady Liberty.

Don't underestimate the

off spring of those who

entered at my gate into

the land of the free.

"For. Their fathers hailed

from the four corners of the

earth by ship, and left behind

their birth countries

to get a glimpse of me……

"And when they saw my light

many got down on hand and

knee and swore on the heavens

that they would teach their

off-spring the lessons need to

keep them free…..

"Take warning! All who seek

to destroy all that I stand for

from within….my torch may

from time to time grow dim

When there are lessons to be learned

but with time the Flame will grow

bright again."

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