Know Thy Self, Know Thy Enemy Pt. 2

Multiculturalism is one of the main reasons we have a homegrown Jihadist threat inside our borders.

There is no other country in the world exactly like the United States of America. U.S. prominence in world affairs breeds contempt, envy, and jealousy because of our successes and powerful military. Yet people from around the world flock to the United States of America to find their fortunes and freedom – we are the great melting pot. So who exactly are America’s enemies?

Communist China, the Dictatorship of North Korea, Socialism of Venezuela, and Communist Russia are our somewhat sane enemies where mutually assured destruction is still a deterrent. After all what is Peace? Peace is nothing more than the absence of war. Once the axis of evil perceives we can be conquered either militarily or economically then these countries will be emboldened to act more aggressively towards us. There is no Peace Through Weakness ONLY Peace Through Strength.

The USA has an additional enemy who is very open about their definition of success against America. That enemy is Political Islam and its goal is to see Sharia/Islamic Law replace our Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Islamists could care less if you and I are Muslim or not because the individual has small value when pitted against the Islamic collective or Ummah. If Sharia Law is the law of the land in the U.S. you will either embrace it, pay the protection tax, or be killed. The Islamic formula of war and conquest, for the last 1400 years, has worked very well for the followers of Mohammad. United States elected officials and military leaders would do well to understand the Mohammedan’s 1400 year history of conquest, retreat, and conquest as Thomas Jefferson did against the Muslim Barbary Pirates.

We are fighting Al-Queda in Iraq and Afghanistan with the vain hope that when the innocent civilians get a taste of our freedom and democracy they will abandon their God given Sharia Law and hop onto the U.S. freedom train. The local Muslims with their taste of freedom and liberty will rise up against their oppressive governments, reject Sharia Law, and be free. Kumbaya friends it’s not going to happen. For starters Iraq and Afghanistan in their Constitutions designate themselves an Islamic State ruled by Sharia Law. President Obama is trying to appease the Taliban in a misguided effort too isolate Al-Queda as our sole enemy in Afghanistan. The Taliban, Al-Queda, along with all the other multitude of designated Islamic terrorist groups on the State Department list all support Sharia Law as a God given and a supreme political system over all other man made laws, specifically our U.S. Constitution. Sharia Law is the common denominator with ALL of our Islamic enemies both foreign and domestic. Sharia Law is not compatible with our Constitution and never will be. In fact Sunni and Shia versions of Sharia Law differ enough that each sect tries to kill the other. They both however agree on one thing, apostates and blasphemers should be killed without argument, Muslim and Non-Muslim alike.

Our enemy is Fundamentalist Islam. Fundamentalist Islam has no plans to assimilate into our culture. Fundamentalist Islam will strive to incrementally impose Sharia Law into the fabric of our culture. Rather than assimilate, Fundamentalist Islam will demand cultural accommodations that will appear small and insignificant. The advancement of Sharia Finance is successfully moving its agenda quietly forward without any resistance. Next, we will see domestic specific Sharia Courts in predominately Muslim cities and neighborhoods popping up very quietly. When these accommodations are met with resistance, then the violence, fear, and intimidation will begin. The battle for the hearts and minds of Islam will never be won no matter how nice we are as a country or individuals. Many Islamists living in America are not willing to assimilate into our culture on our own soil. The idea of Moderate Islam is a strictly Western Thought and does not exist in the Islamic world view or mindset. The world according to Islamic thought is divided into the House of Islam and the House of War. My comments are about the ideology of Political Islam, NOT the Muslim individual. The Muslim individual who wants to remain a Muslim and fully assimilate into our culture has more to worry about from their fellow Muslims than any American Citizen. Let me explain to you exactly why that is.

Americans must realize that when a Muslim chooses to leave Islam for any reason, becoming an apostate, the punishment is death. That death sentence can be carried out by family members, relatives, or anyone in the community. For Muslims Apostasy is viewed as a worse crime than cold blooded murder. For the Western world Apostasy is nothing more than our right too life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in spiritual and political matters. The forced implementation of Sharia Law in America is the battlefield. Islam is a Supremacist Political Ideology that believes they are following Allah’s Laws and are superior to all Kuffar’s or non-believers. Islamic Supremacist's are inside our country and thriving. As always – Do your own research – be skeptical of everything – and take responsibility for your successes and failures.

Alan Kornman


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