…. gripped in the death throes of spasmodic convulsions, the end appears inevitable and imminent. No longer an amalgamated nation with a national purpose, the pitiful remains of a once sturdy Republic is now no more than a "mongrelized", drastically faltering, and soon to become extinct near third world country. Completely overrun with a glut of the illiterate castoffs of intelligently retarded backward countries and in the grip of the egregiously despicable internal "despisers" of our nation we are spiraling down through the excruciatingly painful stages of a terminal disease.

This nation is soon to go to its grave in the most ignoble collapse since the Roman Empire breathed its last, and the unwitting instrument of its death is – the Republican Party.

Whoa, you say! Is not the Democrat Party the party of moral weakness, corruption and social perversion? Was it not the Democrats who celebrated and endorsed communist ideology and initiated the now prevalent internal loathing of the foundations and wonderments of this Republic, a transcendent nation among nations? This would, on the surface, seem to be a logical argument, but for the Democrats to have achieved such monumental success in bastardizing and corrupting this nation it was necessary that they have the aid and support of an enabler, and that enabler was, and is, the Republican Party.

It is entirely too easy to look at Democrats as the vermin who doomed this country to its seemingly inevitable fall from supremacy in the world and as having been the cause of the presaging signs that it is about to become entirely extinct as a bastion of freedom and liberty. This nation is like a wounded animal put down by venomous forces and struggling to regain its feet and stave off death; it will ultimately undergo one of two possible fates, it will either be rescued by revolutionary forces or it will be administered a coup de grace by the pernicious forces that have current control of the nation.

Soon, very soon, the Republican Party will come to a similar fate if we see no political change of course. The party is a dog that has grabbed its tail in its teeth and is about to swallow itself. An amazing and seemingly impossible feat, but the Republicans have amply demonstrated that nothing is beyond the realm of possibility when it come to their ability to self destruct.

Think about it, which party had been most loyal to it base? It not too hard to answer that question, the reckless and irresponsible socialist liberal base of the Democrat Party in fact has been well served by the party. They have achieved nearly every inimical social perversion that they have pursued. The killing of innocent unborn babies has reached record heights. The lives of twenty-four percent of all unborn babies are delivered into the hands of medical serial murderers. A baby is murdered every twelve seconds, and it is estimated that in this country there have been eighty-seven million living beating hearts stilled by the bloody hands of the legal abortionists. Those idiot politicians who have encouraged the unlawful entry of thirty to forty million illegal aliens as a remedy to a falsified shortage of workers fairy tale, need to take a long sobering look at these statistics, if they weren’t so engaged in infanticide, they might be able to see that when they enable the murder of 3,600 unborn infants per day they will most certainly create a vacuum in the labor market.

The radical feminist movement has made remarkable progress under the sponsorship of the Democrat Party, and the social manipulators who seek and receive authorization for state intervention into the affairs of families and control over the same have made stunning gains. These haters of the traditional patriarchal family structure have literally destroyed the family unit, so goes the family so goes the nation. An impressive record for which the Democrats can thank the Republicans.

Why is it that Republicans conduct themselves as political neophytes when they have control of the presidency and the congress? Traditionally they have totally ignored the spoils system and refuse to claim the fruits of their victories. They kiss the toes of their political enemies of the Democrat Party and fawn all over them, often times to the point of embarrassment, in an effort to ingratiate themselves with those who literally despise their political guts. Are they not supposed to be the opposition party, rather than a lickspittle clone? The sad truth is that we are in the clutch of a one party socialist system.

It is a fact that the Reagan administration restored some semblance of unity and cohesion within the Republican Party and a sense of opposition, but it is also a fact that during his tenure and under his banner the legalization – by amnesty – of 2.7 million alien lawbreakers was accomplished. His signing of a bill to legalize these law beakers and provide them a commitment free path to citizenship immediately opened the floodgates to untold millions more of these semi-literate and illiterate illegals. From the way that they are fawned over by our politicians and extended benefits well exceeding those afforded legal U.S. citizens one would think that the nation had inherited thirty to forty million rocket scientists and brain surgeons rather that a rag tag disease ridden clog of bedbug laden barefoot beggars.

The Republicans have handed the Democrats the biggest political endowment in history, thirty-seven million illiterate aliens who can be trained like chimpanzees to pull the lever for Democrats. They may be illiterate but they understand quite clearly that it is Democrats who are willing to bankrupt the nation to provide them with the necessities of life, such as food, schooling, lodging and medical care. The failure of the Republican Party to come to grips with this execrable condition has sounded a virtual death knell for the party. And because of their complaisance we, as a nation, are about to suffer the same fate as the Roman Empire, which was overrun by barbaric tribes in rat skin caps; we will soon cease to exist as a nation of sovereign people.

There will be those who write and complain that I have laid the putrid state of the nation solely at the feet of the Republicans, and that by doing so I have been too hard on the darlings. Someone should be hard on them they have frittered away every opportunity to coral the unconstitutional excesses of the Democrats and move this country back to constitutional governance. They have completely alienated the conservative base of the party and taken to their bosom socialistic causes once thought to be the sole province of liberal Democrats. In short they have been nothing but toadies to the social and corporate elites of this country. I would like to see them get some guts and stand for the best interests of the people that they are supposed to represent.

No one president in our history has been as destructive to both the nation and the Republican Party as George W. Bush, that great poobah of the order of the skull and bones. The man is the worst president in the entire history of the nation. That he may have been exceeded in this regard by the election of that pompous windbag Al Gore or by counterfeit war hero John Kerry is totally irrelevant. Al Gore and John Kerry are Democrats they are supposed to be socialist reprobates. George Bush is an entirely different matter he claims to be a conservative Republican albeit a compassionate conservative, which is just another name for a liberal Democrat masquerading as a Republican.

In the last congressional election old George single handedly sabotaged the political aspirations of many Republican challengers and terminated the political careers of a considerable number of other Republicans in the congress. I won’t even dwell on his unconstitutional wars of naked aggression, his bent for one world governance, and his quest to make us a nation of uniformly brown people, I will just say that he has been an unmitigated disaster for both the nation and the Republican Party.

We see in the wings a bevy of candidates for the Republication presidential nomination. The cast of candidates includes a New York transvestite, a George Bush clergy clone, an eastern liberal governor who since his candidacy has undergone a miraculous transformation to social conservatism, a worn out perpetual presidential campaigner, a couple of very decent conservative congressmen and a single shining star for Constitutional governance, Ron Paul.

Its now or never folks – this is our last chance to restore this nation to constitutional governance, remove the putrefying excesses of uncontrolled immigration, and restore social decency. There is only one candidate who can, and will, attack all of these issues, and that candidate is Ron Paul. His integrity runs deep and he is the only candidate who has no opportunistic political reverses in his record, he does not vote out of political expediency he stands always on principle. It has been a very long time since we have had a principled man in the White House. His age is absolutely no factor; I look back at Ronald Reagan and think of how we would have been deprived had we allowed his age to keep him from office. Ron Paul has absolutely amazed me with his perseverance and stamina. He stays on course like a guided missal, never wavering, never detouring and never compromising on principle. I could support or vote for no other.

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