Justice in Knox County Nebraska

….It had the report from the state crime lab here in Nebraska in it. Before I even read it I knew what it would say. I also wanted to shove it under the nose of the Prosecuting Attorney and scream "SEE"! But I Will not. Instead I offer these words from my Heart, and Mind.

The State crime lab could not find my finger prints anywhere on either of the pistols. Not the one they took from my mother in laws locked fire proof safe(Which I have no Access to) I am in chronic pain, and my family knows I might be tempted to use it on myself. They also could not find my prints on the pistol they got from a guy who lives over 8 miles from me and who's house I haver never been in. Imagine that? I tried to tell my uncle by marriage whom I have known for years and shared very personal and rare gifts at Christmas that the Idiots who made up the story were lying to get out of paying a debt for tattoos I had done. The guy was afraid because I had told his friends I would beat the crap out of him if I saw him. I still hold to that. I did three very nice tattoos one on his girlfriend and two on him. He was supposed to give my wife an old Jeep Cherokee for the work and when he brought it I was going to finish the tattoos. Of course I did only the outlines and some of the coloring. I always do that when it is someone I do not know and have never dealt with before who has nothing but his word that he will make good on our bargain.I am not stupid! It would cost to much to hire a lawyer and sue him and most likely even if I ever got a judgment against him it would be impossible to collect from someone like him who owns nothing and most likely never will.

Being in a wheelchair does not change the fact that I would still like to kick the crap out of the guy. I did great work on him and what did I get in return? He lied to get me in trouble with the cops. I have since learned he does this a lot. One story is that he went to a party and got drunk and high then left and called the cops on the party. I figure maybe he is a stooly for the cops. maybe that is how he gets his kicks, or maybe it is how he stays out of jail himself. By being a little rat fink!

As I have said before, and will say again I do not hate the law. I think it is a very necessary element in civilized life. I have always respected the law. Everywhere I have lived I have had friends who were cops, or sheriffs, and even game wardens. I hunted with a federal game warden in Montana who wanted to learn to hunt with a bow, and not one of the fancy compound bows you buy in a store. He wanted me to teach him to make and use a traditional Aboriginal American bow. I taught him how to take an animal with honor. To release it's spirit, and use it's body to keep self, and family alive. This is one reason I do not care for firearms. They do not honor the animal hunted. There is no fair chase which I think is necessary in a hunt for food. I also do not believe in hunting for sport but that is another issue and I will not waste space here on it.

I do not want to take firearms away from our citizens, they may need them some day to stop invaders, weather they be from another country, or our own over sized government! Either way they should be armed if they so choose. My children if they choose,will own and use firearms, as will my wife, and extended family. There is a great, and long tradition of them owning firearms. From the great Chief American Horse, to Chief Great Eagle, and his son Chief Doublehead, Many of my Mi'kmaq ancestors also carried, and use firearms to hunt, and to defend their freedoms. We also have an ancestor who was in Custers 7th Cavalry, who carried firearms. The home, and land we live on was bought by my wifes grandfather who collected, and traded guns for years. He assembled a collection of one of each Winchester rifle ever made, and sold it for a fine return. With that he bought this land, which has passed to us, and will now be put into tribal trust so that no one can ever sell it. We hope to keep at least one family member on the land till time is no more.

My point in all this is to hopefully reach some who will see me for what I am, A decent hardworking family man who holds God, Country, and family in the highest of regards. I am law abiding, and would die to protect, and defend my country, and each of our personal freedoms, and rights as described in the Constitution of the United States of America , and the Bill of Rights. Others may make laws but in my mind if they go against these they are not valid! and I would fight to the death to protect anyone who is being held to a law that violates our sacred laws of freedom and the pursuit of a happy and fulfilling life. In the words of my Mi'kmaq ancestors Welalin( thank you) For taking the time to read these words. And again if you support my fight please sign the petition to help us right the wrongs in our community. Scott Collin Mi'kmaq,Cherokee, Ponca, and Sioux Nations as well as loyal US citizens. M'sit Nokamaq

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