Just the Facts Ma’am

…. certain web sites –‘factcheck’, ‘media matters’, ‘snopes’ — just to name a few, they used to verify information they used in their articles, instead of the reliable old fashioned way of investigation. Why? Either, due to the cost factor or just plain laziness; maybe that laziness is why fast food is so popular; ‘we’ want it now without too much effort. First you walked in to get your food, then came the drive thru, and now there is even drive thru churches. Well the left wing radicals have counted on that pervasive state of mind. And they have assumed the cloak of the great wizard, behind the curtain with all the answers, how did they accomplish it? Because for years they have given correct answers to mundane questions like who is buried in grants tomb, an extreme example, but I think you get the drift here.

They have lured the trusting suckers in and they the ‘suckers’ didn’t know what hit them. When it came down to the reason for the info validating sites existence, wham! Was Barack Hussein Obama born in the

USA or in Kenya Africa? Now all in Unison YES; even though the birth certificate was later determined to be forged.

How or why could this affirmation of a forged document be alleged to be a factual Birth Certificate by these alleged ‘fact’ sites? I began to look into the problem. Who is behind factcheck.com came to mind first. What do you now, it’s the Annenberg foundation, (factcheck.org) is a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the


School for Communication at the

University of

Pennsylvania, and is funded primarily by the Annenberg Foundation."

Barack Hussein Obama, I ascertained, was a founding member, chairman, and president of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, which was also funded by the Annenberg Foundation. ‘Media matters’ another of the disinformation fronts parrots YES Obama is a Natural Born USA citizen. Sounds like a conspiracy theory? Well it is not a theory, but hey what the heck, they are just a bunch of dumb Americans. If you don’t believe this information and want to continue to be dumbed down, and continue going thru the drive thru, then heaven help us all here in America.

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