“Just How Dumb Can We Be?”

…. Propaganda? Lies? Fear? Manufactured Crisis? Buying Votes? You bet!

We opened up an e-mail this morning, the first one, and the title was "Good Morning Suckers! How appropriate. Then we opened up a spread sheet of where $385 billion stimulus dollars were going, and more exquisite detail was added to just how much the suckers we are. What this particular list boiled down to was all the "wishes" of government that have been turned down in the legislative process, were now being added to the stimulus package. It was "pork barrel spending" (earmarks) on steroids, with no debate or discussion. The impotent Republicans could only sputter and mutter.

But this is only part of the story. The whole stimulus package is $845 billion and over 400 pages long, not $385 billion. Have the "foxes" guarding the hen house, even read all 400+ pages? Unlikely! Where is the rest of this money going to go? Will tell you where it is going to go….. it is going to build the federal government much larger and make sure that Democrats are in power for another 40 years, it will take more of your freedoms away, it will raise the national debt and the deficit beyond anything we have ever seen, or could imagine and it will buy off a whole bunch more of the hearts and minds of the illiterate, naive and ignorant masses in America, who provide the votes to keep the corrupt "foxes" in office.

Again, government is telling us it is a "crisis" of unprecedented proportion and we must act now. Just like we acted, under the pressure of a "crisis", with $700 Billion of TARP funds that were supposed to buy up the toxic mortgage debt, but went instead to shore up banks and businesses, that hasn't worked. They lied! Not unlike the first dictator of America, FDR, acting unconstitutionally with social spending after the Great Depression and whose ill-advised actions extended the Depression for 10 years. It took World War II to get us out of that Depression. What will it take to get America out of the Depression that government will induce by spending trillions of borrowed dollars from future generations? What will government do when the trillions upon trillions of unfunded Medicare, Medicaid and social security liabilities come due? (now estimated at over $70 Trillion) But wait! Your government is going to add National Health Care to the mix. Insanity!

Now let's extend this "crisis" and we-must-act-now analogy, to the fraud that is man-caused global warming. Government tells us that either we do something immediately, at great expense and reduction of standard of living, or the oceans are going to rise 20 feet (Al Gore's prediction) and flood all of our coastal cities. (Hmmm! Maybe that's the answer to our problems) They warn us that fertile land will be turned into dust bowls. Hunger and famine will be the order of the day, all across the world. Pestilence will devastate large numbers of people in poorer lands and deaths from disease will rise exponentially. Fresh water will dry up and millions will die of thirst. Production and gross domestic products will plummet. Energy sources will be rationed. Well, you get the point.

But before you start digging your underground survival shelter, the whole global warming crisis is a hoax. That's right a man-made, premeditated fraud. First, the Earth is cooling and has been for at least 10 years, not warming. Second, volumes have been written by thousands of credible scientists that the increase in atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is, if anything, the result of global warming, not the cause. And even more illuminating is that man's contribution to CO2 increases is so small as to be essentially in-consequential. In spite of the overwhelming evidence against man-caused global warming, federal, state and local governments are moving aggressively with legislation to limit CO2 emissions and institute the insane policy of cap and trades.

Why you say, would government do this, all the while knowing that man-caused global warming is not the truth? That's right! You bet they know it! The answer is quite simple. The reason is the irresponsible and unsubstantiated threat of anthropomorphic (human-caused) planet-wide degradation. If government can convince enough people that man-caused global warming is a "real" crisis and that immediate and expensive actions are necessary to protect humans from this threat, then they can convince you to accept an exponential rise in regulations and costs to meet the threat. Once they have convinced you, they (an international cabal) then can move quickly to take control of all land, all water, all food and all energy on Earth, under direct control of the United Nations and the money changers. Once "they" control all the land, water, food and energy, they will control every human being on the planet and you will think they did it to protect you, but you will still be in chains. It is no different than the government instituting measures to provide you security from all enemies, foreign and domestic, but all the while stealing your liberty in the process. Clever these "foxes".

If you are buying what "they" are selling, you might as well put the chains around your neck, ankles and feet and hand your sorry posterior over to the government. But then judging from the last election, way too many Americans already have. If you think the Obamasiah, or Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid are going to save you, you are irrationally delusional.

Just how dumb can we be? Some of us aren't that dumb and we "ain't" buying their bogus

"products", because we know the "warranty" isn't worth the paper it is printed on. Good faith and credit of the U. S. Government? Poppy cock! The faith and trust is gone and the credit has morphed into perpetual bankruptcy.

Just how dumb can we be? We'll see. But the fate of freedom, liberty and American

sovereignty, rest on a whole bunch of Americans getting un-dumb, in very short order. Will they accept rule by the mob, the illiterate, naive and ignorant masses in America, who provide the votes to keep our corrupt "foxes" in office, or will they rest control from the "mob" and the "foxes", before it is too late?

Ron Ewart, President


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