The democrat spouting, progressive, liberal, radical feminist driven, unconstitutional and idiotic gun control fraud, is entirely responsible for the high death count at VA Tech. I will venture to say that everyone of the students had a cell phone instead of a gun. This is the so called ‘virtual defense’. As usual another one of the liberal ‘great policy ideas’, gone awry. In reality, it is a suicide plan, when complied with! I try not to forget that ‘stupid is as stupid does’ when dealing with them. While on the other hand the ‘progressives’ believe that not forgetting is stupid.

The gun control maniacs should, or is it must, be held accountable for their large part in preventing the young victims from defending themselves and to that point, aiding and abetting the mass murderer, Cho Seung-Hui. To the ‘virtualpoint’, the ‘virtual fence’ which is part of the virtual defense that the Democrat controlled Congress plans for the ‘Mex – Am’ border ‘refugee insurgency’ and American occupation. I suggest, no I demand, that these Congressional anti-gun nuts be given ‘virtual dogs’ and cell phones, to defend themselves, instead of gun carrying guards. What is good enough for the American People, must certainly be good enough for their Democrat public servants.


Cho, according to ‘WND’ (WorldNetDaily.com) had the words “Ismail Ax” in red ink on the inside of one of his arms. I believe that “Ismail ax” was the founder of Muslim Persia and it is today’s


. This was stated by the radio talk show host Mr. Sean Hannity in mostpart, after research. If so, then Cho is probably a Muslim convert or similar terrorist wannabe. I believe the former, as many others do.

I would not be surprised if Pelosi arranged this VA Tech thing with


‘s Assad during her visit, in order to try to getthe gun control legislation passed !

Sound like a stretch? Well we have proof that the ‘libs’ are thieves, liars, immoral, they conspire to steal private property for other private person uses, defend murderers and illegal aliens against Americans even when Americans are being killed, raped, assaulted and terrorized by them. The ‘liberals’ support the ongoing Human Rights crimes, committed daily by the ‘activist liberal’ Judiciary against divorced fathers, by kidnapping their children, revitalizing ‘debtors prison’ for men which is essentially indentured servitude, also known as slavery.

Why then is it such a reach to suspect that from Syria’s Americansweetheart, Nancy Pelosi? Additional character attributes of the Speaker are as follows. While publicly and nationally wallowing in the feminist ideology, proudlyshe self proclaimed as she grabbed the Gavel that, finally a woman is the first Speaker of the House of Representatives, in the over 200 year history of the nation. Then stunningly, not long thereafter and in complete opposition to ‘the’ feminist agenda, Pelosi when in the very heart ofone of the so called’male chauvinist pig’ nations, Syria, Pelosi the very ‘feminist’ banner bearer, dons the ‘head rag’ / kerchief of female subservience inthe Muslims’ Iraq. One way or the other the Democrat House Speaker,Pelosi and the rest of thefearful gun-control, maniac, Democrat chameleon liberal’s, and any other word meaning the same thing, have 32 young VA Tech students Blood on their hands, today.

Will the real Nancy Pelosi please stand up!

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