“The Judge is God…” Really?!

by Drew Foster –
Former Mayor, East Amwell Township, N. J.

“The judge is God in this courtroom,” stated a Holt County, Nebraska deputy sheriff in a conversation he and I had a few years ago.  That is a belief that controls virtually every law enforcement and court officer in this country, and we need to be asking the obvious question:  Why?!  And lawyers are of the same belief, or at least their actions are consistent with that belief.

In that same courtroom, where I was observing various cases, there was a young woman who was accused of some crime.  I have no idea the allegation and I have no idea of her guilt or innocence.  But I sat in astonishment as the judge called the case, noted that the plaintiff was not there, and asked the defendant if it was okay with her to reschedule.  Her lawyer sat silent, like a stooge, as the woman agreed.  It should have been obvious, even absent any understanding of law, that if the judge had to ask, it was not okay.

How ignorant have we become that we don’t understand this most basic concept – no plaintiff, no case?  And how irresponsible have lawyers become that they don’t challenge the judges and defend the most basic rights of their clients?

There is only one God and, in America, the foundation of our legal system, indeed our entire government, was built on His principles, His foundation.  It is no coincidence that Thomas Jefferson wrote, “…We are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights…” in the Declaration of Independence, or that God’s Ten Commandments are engraved in stone on monuments and in courthouses across the nation.

Throughout history, pride and arrogance, and a lust for self-worship and power, have caused man to stray, to ignore their Creator and to fabricate fables that diminish Him and elevate themselves.  We see this attitude taught in the classroom, reinforced in the courtroom, and ultimately manifested in every aspect of society.

In the classroom, children are indoctrinated that they arose by accident from pond scum, or whatever the popular iteration of the evolution fable might be that year.  Absent the knowledge and understanding of the Supreme Being who created them, each one unique and special in His sight, and therefore totally unable to comprehend the concept that Thomas Jefferson so wisely and eloquently included in our founding document, people go into court believing that the judge is, indeed, God, in that forum.  And so, judges go about their business, largely making decisions based on their opinions, not the law, and they do it with impunity.

We must condemn their behavior for the evil that it is and for the damage that it does.  Is this statement too harsh for you to accept?  Consider the long-term, often permanent, damage done by judges’ opinions.  Of course, abortion is the greatest of all.  The damage is permanent for the aborted baby and it is life-long for the parents.  Sixty million babies have been murdered since the judges’ opinion in Roe v. Wade – an opinion that couldn’t even get past the Preamble to the Constitution!  And we are living with the consequences of this devaluing of human life, the cheapening of sexual intimacy and marriage, and now celebrations of pride in perverse behaviors.

There are numerous other examples, perhaps more subtle, if we pause to look and understand…and evaluate the outcomes.  One example, that is nonetheless significant as far as the abuse of power and short-sightedness of judges, occurred in 1975.  New Jersey Supreme Court handed down the Mount Laurel decision which stated, essentially, that municipal zoning ordinances could not operate to exclude low- and moderate-income persons from obtaining housing in the municipality.  It forced municipalities to provide a certain percentage of new construction within an “affordable housing” price range.  At the time, the court’s opinion was widely regarded as legislating from the bench and fundamentally unconstitutional.  What was interesting is that in short time the municipalities that desired to exclude lower income housing began to provide, through legal maneuvering, lower income housing in other municipalities, typically far removed, geographically, from their own.  The gentrification that was declared illegal in the original Mount Laurel decision became significantly more profound as a result of that decision.

Of course, we can always depend on family court for fine examples of wrong opinions – judges playing God.  In a time when women, for the most part, have similar earning potential to men, how can the judges support their opinions that it’s okay for a woman to petition the court to terminate her marriage, yet continue receiving financial benefits from her ex-husband for the rest of their lives?  The only foundation for such an outcome is a judge’s opinion.  It cannot be supported by law (the 13th Amendment and involuntary servitude comes to mind) and the damage to families, especially to men, is enormous.  But I have yet to speak with an attorney who has the integrity to challenge these decisions.  The judge is their god.

A recent discussion with a college student led to her comment that, “You know, the Greeks worshipped various gods, and they never walked up the mountain to see if they were there.”

So, why don’t we “walk up the mountain,” and take a peak underneath the black robe.  Is that really a god sitting in the front of the courtroom?  Spend an evening or two reading the Constitution.  Believe what you read, because it was written at a sixth-grade level, no tricks.  Then go observe a judge in action.  It will be an eye-opening experience.  He may be a god in his own mind.  And he may be a god in the minds of the lawyers and other court officers  But knowledge, wisdom, integrity, and a concern for the future of our nation dictate that you reject him as your god.  He has a specific job description, which is strictly confined, and when he strays, vote him out or petition for his removal. – NWS – 21 October 2017

by Drew Foster
Former Mayor of East Amwell Township

Drew Foster has served on both appointed and elected positions in municipal government in New Jersey, ultimately serving as Mayor of East Amwell Township.


Email comments and questions to Drew at:  Acts41920@hotmail.com

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