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An announcement from Stuart Meltzer, Esq. of Nassau County, New York:

As a result of my over 18 years experience in the Family, Matrimonial and Criminal Courts in the New York area, I have witnessed a steady decline in Equal Protection and Due Process rights afforded to litigants. Most disturbing is the fact that those people who have the smallest voice and least amount of power in our society, our children, are losing most. Thus, I view as most important, based in law and forensic study, our children's right to liberal access to both a father and mother.

In New York and especially here in Nassau County, I have witnessed corruption as Judges delay cases in order to generate excessive attorney fees. Similarly, I have witnessed Judges use "equitable" distribution as an excuse to engage in outright stealing of marital estates by sequestering and levying on the "monied" litigants assets in order to effectively enrich favored lawyer cronies. These same lawyers are contributing to their Judge benefactors election campaigns. This pattern and practice is being done at the expense of our children. Judges maintain this status quo of unjust enrichment because few litigants have the financial, physical and emotional reserves necessary to fight this injustice.

Moreover, since the Bar Association and Judges protect their own, nothing is done about the destruction of our Constitutional rights or the systemic corruption that underlies this fact. Nearly all of my colleagues acknowledge what is going on but few wish to rock the boat. After all, their own economic livelihoods depend on maintaining the status quo.

My primary focus as Judge will be to act in the Best Interests of our Children and uphold the law. Currently, this legal standard is routinely cited by rogue Jurists to justify decisions which, in reality, do just the opposite. Judges limit the trial record for Appeal, exclude relevant evidence and place litigants under undue pressure in order to meet that Judges particular subjective views on Children's rights, Feminism, Father's rights, Gay rights, economic re-distribution, racial prejudice and more.

Again, the Party name under which I am running makes clear that I will invoke our Constitution and protect all of our citizens, including our children.

As a result, Greg Fischer and myself have created the Equal Parenting Party. Greg is running under the Equal Parenting Party line in Suffolk County, NY for Riverhead Town Council. I am running for Nassau County Family Court Judge. We seek additional candidates from all walks of life locally and nationally. Together we can effectuate change by changing the political landscape. Your readers and constituents have the power to rectify the injustices which you bravely expose, THE POWER OF THE VOTE.

Please support the Equal Parenting Party.


Stuart Meltzer, Esq.

Judge Candidate: Nassau County Family Court, NY

32 Court Street, Ste. 1408

Brooklyn, NY 11201


917 698 8784




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