…. at a mid-day town hall meeting in

Cedar Falls,

Iowa today. Shared parenting activist


Taylor asked McCain if he "would be bold enough to address the issue of equal access to children for fathers that have gone through divorce." McCain testily replied:

"I'm sorry to disappoint you, I am not going to overturn divorce court decisions. That's why we have courts and that's why people go to court and get a divorce. If I as President of the

United States said this decision has to be overturned without the proper appeals

process then I would be disturbing our entire system of government… But for me to stand here before all these people and say that I'm going declare divorces invalid because someone feels that they weren't treated fairly in court, we are getting into a, uh, uh, tar

baby of enormous proportions."

In other words, McCain is saying, "the family court issue is a mess. Given the power of the women's groups and the lack of power of fathers' groups, there's nothing for me to gain and much for me to lose in tackling the issue."

It's unfortunate, but McCain's assessment of the politics of the issue is probably accurate at this point, and is one reason why we often can't get politicians to meaningfully act on our issues. And as unfortunate as McCain's response is, to be fair, at least answered

the question honestly. Whereas most politicians will give some vague, meaningless answer designed to appease the questioner into thinking he was going to do something about the issue, McCain made it clear he had no interest in the issue.

As I've said in the past: "If politicians are too afraid of fathers' rights, they should resign their position and retire". What McCain is saying to 1/2 the population and the majority of the military, is that we can "go to hell" as far as he's concerned. We are the taxpayers and the voters that make this country go. What this means is that Senator McCain approves the commission of crimes against humanity in America, with the focus being men and their children, tortured by the judicial branch. What Candidate McCain said is indeed treasonous on its face and he should be asked to resign the campaign and have Mitt Romney reinstated.

McCain is thumbing his nose at 840,000 male victims of domestic violence, millions of men who are threatened with debtor's prison at any given moment, and 95% of the divorced male population that is deprived of their children by tyrannical and treasonous courts funded by McCain's federal funding. What McCain fails to understand is that

children are suffering all over the country because they are being cut off from their fathers because of political funding to womens' groups only. Children of single-parents who are mothers are significantly more apt to be juvenile delinquents, drug and alcohol abusers, high school or college drop-outs, pregnant as teen-agers, more suicidal than the average and more homicidal than the average.

McCain is either too stupid, to old, or too embedded in the "good ole boys network" in D.C. to see the forest for the trees. He's the guy who's been in Congress for 25 years and has sponsored all modes of federal funding to destroy families. He cannot claim ignorance on this. So, for him to say he knows nothing about equal access or any of the myriad issues involved in the divorce arena is an outright lie to the point of perjury.



Civil Rights Director

DADS (Dads Against Discrimination)–

New Jersey & New York Chapters


New Jersey

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