John McCain can’t handle the truth.

….amnesty for Mexican invaders who annex American territory for


Another wannabe “War President.”

His "straight talk express" is a forked-tongue, epicurean delight for financial vipers, who prey on the wealth of

America through compound interest.

McCain's idea of "rational middle ground," is to weigh the concern of big business for cheap Mexican slave labor, against the need for the American worker to preserve his job, standard of living, and very country.

His "balance" is to find in favor of the corporations, by figuratively placing a "comprehensive” amnesty brick on the scale, in favor of big business–modeling himself after


Heston, in the film "Ten Commandments"– for sheer theatrical effect–as our alleged pharaoh. He then commands the American worker to make bricks without straw, money, food, a job, or shelter–much less a country to live in.

McCain panders for a border fence first, before allowing the floodgates wide open, with his ridiculous–and treasonous–capitulation to the corporate slave masters who utilize the Mexican reconquista to destroy

America's middle class.

According to an article in the



July 4th, 2008:

"I believe we must have comprehensive immigration reform. The American people want our borders secured first," McCain said during a news conference in

Mexico City.

That will require some walls. It will require virtual fences. It will require high-technology equipment. We must secure our borders, and then we will address the issue of comprehensive immigration reform."

Note how he marries freedom with slavery, and security to surrender. Such a visionary!

Such a good disciple of Big Brother! The reward granted by the elites to this naked emperor, will be the

Manchukuo puppet title of "president of the

United States of America."

An office in name only, as our country no longer exists–according to proud internationalists everywhere.

"When politicians are in power they don´t care what the people want, they will do whatever corporations have paid them to do. All politicians know that between 80 and 90% of the American people want illegals denied entry to the

United States , those that are here deported and employers jailed. Americans don´t want birth citizenship for children of illegals. Citizens don´t want to pay for education, medical care or other benefits for illegals, and they certainly didn´t want their Social Security given to illegals, but the government did it anyway. The government did not want the Border Patrol to work too hard at stopping drugs, cheap labor for corporations, and terrorists at the border so they framed two border patrol agents for doing their jobs as an example to others." —






Wallace's excellent assessment, I might add: We also want our treasonous public officials–who sell our country down the river– to be incarcerated for treason against The United States of America.


McCain and


Obama are great imposters who have beggared the achievements of the film character played by







Perhaps these two corporate puppets should form a "salt-n-pepa" band, where they can lip synch in harmony, the quiet notes of failed leadership.


Homer of our Second American Revolution has summed up the Republican and Democratic candidates´ lack of qualifications quite succinctly, with this excellent analysis, which fingers these unworthy suitors, who vie for the Crown of Ithaca:

"Both Obama and McCain voted to give amnesty to 20-30 million illegal aliens in 2007—without any understanding of the $3 trillion price tag or demographic impact. Both men did nothing and do nothing to stop illegal alien migration at over one million annually. In fact, McCain signed the 1986 amnesty giving 4.3 million illegal aliens a free pass, but never followed up on his promise to secure our borders. Both men voted to double current annual immigration at 1.2 million people to 2.4 million in the amnesty bill in June of 2007—thus causing a catastrophic population overload within the

USA . Based on mathematics alone, this kind of short sightedness bodes poorly for a national leader.

Neither man supports any kind of a plan to secure our nation´s borders. Both men continued voting for insourcing, outsourcing and offshoring of American manufacturing jobs. Both crippled Americans with their votes in the U.S. Senate as to our national debt, $700 billion annual trade deficit, and no action on 400,000 annual anchor babies gaining immediate citizenship and welfare. Both men continued the taxpayer burden of educating millions of illegal alien children along with billions for health care. Neither man spoke up for American citizens as to jobs being stolen or wages degraded. — Frosty Woolridge

The "comprehensive immigration reform" agenda fits right in with the weltanschauung of former Mexican foreign minister


Castaneda, who stated:

"I like very much the metaphor of Gulliver, of ensnaring the giant. Tying it up, with nails, with thread, with 20,000 nets that bog it down: these nets being norms, principles, resolutions, agreements, and bilateral, regional and international covenants."

The real issue before the American people–which requires us to prosecute The Second American Revolution–is the hostile corporate takeover of our government, through power-of-the-purse.

It is the corporations, which have spoon-fed us the pablum that our country belongs to the world, and that we are a "nation of immigrants." They weave their myths in deceit, as a spider spins its web.


McCain, in his supreme role as step-and-fetch-it boy for the corporations, will provide the smoke-and-mirrors debate regarding border fences and "comprehensive immigration…" capitulation to the Mexican reconquista of American territory.

His useful idiocy as The Manchurian Candidate, will be utilized by the Council on Foreign Relations, in order to distract Americans from the collective task we must now accomplish as a people.

Our great and noble task is NOT to elect this Music Man, McCain, who thinks he can wave a conductor's baton of failed immigration policy in our faces, and that we will remain mesmerized to swallow the bait, like tank town fools!

His la-dee-dah method of conducting the nation's business, is the greatest swindle since the creation of the Federal Reserve.

If we are to retain our country, and throw out the nest of vipers once again–even as


Jackson did–we must pay heed to the central axis around which all pocketbook issues rotate. Americans must abolish the Federal Reserve, and throw the United Nations out of our country.

The problem remains for two women– who aren't even running for president–to define, as Obama and McCain lack the vision to formulate national policy. These women are


Veon, and



"The first major change came in 1913 with the establishment of a new central bank; a private corporation we call the Federal Reserve, setup to control the financial, economic and monetary system of the

United States


Jackson who shutdown the second of the two original central banks, approved with limited charters by our Founding Fathers.) This is why we, the American people, cannot forgive ourselves the interest on our current the debt. We do not owe it to ourselves, but rather to our privately-owned Federal Reserve Corporation. Since its inception, the Federal Reserve charter has been amended more than 195 times, which included the passage of HR12, "The Banking Modernization Act." According to the

March 31, 2008 "Treasury Blueprint for a Modernized Financial Regulatory Structure," the Fed is about to seize its final empowerment over the rest of the American banking and financial system. While the Blueprint states it will take years for all of this legislation to be put in place, Paulson gave a speech on June 19 to Women in Housing and Finance in which he stated, "[W]e must dramatically expand our attention to the fundamental needs of our system, and move much more quickly to update [the outdated nature of our financial regulatory] system." Once this is finalized, the Congress of the United States of America become useless because their main purpose since 1913 has been to surrender to the Federal Reserve more and more powers over our economic and financial structure. In other words, what we are witnessing a complete take over of our economy by a private corporation! —



"The government has borrowed some $8 trillion dollars from the Federal Reserve Bank since its inception and is currently paying roughly $550 billion dollars per YEAR in compound interest charged by the bank against the American people through a criminally complicit Congress. The Internal Revenue Service acts as the "enforcement arm" of the Federal Reserve and forces the American people to "voluntarily" pay tax that virtually all Americans absolutely do not owe, to a government hell-bent spending every last dime it can borrow. In so doing, the Federal Reserve shareholders guarantee that interest on an ever increasing national debt will continue on and on. Why should

America be a debt free nation when paying compound interest on the national debt is so rewarding for so few? As long as the Federal Reserve Bank is allowed by our people and our criminally complicit congress to continue operating, we will be financial slaves to the central bank and its evil European allies. Needless to say, the

Rothschild family´s total financial coup has come to pass in our lifetime in our

America. "



Americans must now grasp the fact that our country has been hijacked, and we must seize it back, by reforming our banking structure through abolishment of the Federal Reserve.

A nation at war has already hemorrhaged over a trillion dollars in a Don Quixote quest called "nation-building." Those dollars were borrowed from a private corporation, which holds all the notes on our freedom. Even one note held over the American people by this entity is one "Too many notes,


We are beset by slogans from Big Brother, such as "comprehensive immigration reform," and "rational middle ground," in a nonsensical debate, designed to pull the wool over our eyes, so that We the People do not fathom the true issue that our nation has been systematically stolen by the central bankers of the Federal Reserve.

Meanwhile, our irresponsible lawmakers continue to kite hot checks, with a national bank account nine trillion dollars in arrears. All of this pseudo debt, manufactured by the fictitious entity known as the "Fed," which charges us to borrow that which is already ours.

The American people must now step forth from the shadows of nuclear winter, imposed on us by the corporations, to smash the bonds of usury, which bind us to the central bank.

That bank has fashioned chains for a free people by controlling the power-of-the-purse, and convincing our politicians that a corresponding annexation of our country by the wretched slaves of the world, is what is best for "reforming" an "immigration policy" which was created by an invading army from


"I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations, which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws of our country."


Jefferson 1812

If our country is to survive the privatization, which will "harmonize" us into slavery to the elites, we must vote for "none of the above" in this presidential election cycle.

Just say "NO" to


McCain, and


Obama. This coalition of the witless, would pilot our ship of state through the looking glass, into the madness of total surrender to national extinction.

What McCain and Obama fail to fathom, is that the American Dream is for the American people alone–not for trespassing foreigners.

As long as vested interests control our money, and make the American worker obsolete in his own country by importing slave laborers for a

Spartacus revolt, our New Rome will never be safe from the invading hordes disguised as "guest workers."


Can't Tolerate Do Nothing Americans





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