The John Clark – Net & Radio Show – Discussion – Democrat Party – Evil Bad Donkey!

by John Clark – Host –

On America Betrayed this week our guests will be President Orlean Kohle of Eagle Forum of California – she is a Teacher as well & Mr. Raymond Herrera.

We will be discussing how many vaccines are required, by the Democrats now in power, to be injected into  California school Children due to the influx of illegal aliens and on Our show Wednesday. As well as, Mr. Raymond Herrera, who is a Patriotic American and a former US Army Sniper. He has been awarded numerous Military Medals.
Mr. Herrera will be talking about how fraudulent and anti-American in fact and deed the Democrat party is and further, that they should register as foreign agents in accordance with the FARA laws. [Foreign Agents Registration Act].

Tune in Wed Night ~ 7. February 2018 ~ @ 9 ET ~~ 6 pm PT and every Wednesday ~ Be There or Be Unaware!

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