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by John Clark – Host –

On America Betrayed this week >>

Mr. X will be reporting on the impact of President Trump’s deportation of illegal and criminal aliens apprehended in the USA back to Mexico. Tijuana, Mexico is now a lawless town as a result, too bad. Ice is repatriating the criminals captured in America back to Tijuana at the approximate rate of 50 Mexican criminals a day. They are murderers, kidnappers and rapists and all of these criminal actions have skyrocketed there.

Better them than us, that’s where they are from anyway, thanks President Donald J. Trump for protecting the American’s first, “Making America Safe Again”.

Rattlesnake Ray will be giving his report on how the State Governments in Arizona and New mexico are setting hundreds of Mexican Grey Wolves loose in AZ and NM to harass cattlemens live stock. If a rancher shoots one of the feral wolves the penalty is 15 years in prison and $200,000 fine. Ranchers having had enough have gotten get fed up have and will sell their ranch/s, of course the gangsters in the Governments then get to buy the ranch at bargain prices.

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