Jefferson Believes in Gun Ownership, but not for You

William Jefferson, that is. Thomas Jefferson believed in the right of all citizens to own and carry firearms.

This past week has focused on the folly of Paris Hilton and her great jail time caper. She was in then out and now back in. Her release after three days sparked uproar from across the country as average Americans saw her treatment as drastically different than they would expect if they had been arrested or per their past experience with the judicial system. While I did not agree with Al Sharpton's characterization about this with regard to race he was correct that the wealthy get over (as he himself has).

This has been true of Congress for quite some time. Congress makes laws or advocate things that they then exempt themselves from or do not practice. Smoking is not allowed in government buildings but members of Congress are allowed to smoke in their offices. This is but one example and there are many others and the one that strikes today was pointed out by my friend GM Roper. He links to an item dealing with William Jefferson, Democrat Louisiana, and his recent court appearance. Jefferson was asked if he had firearms and he stated that he did and that he used them to hunt. He was ordered not to have access to them.

This was reported in passing by the drive by media but what they failed to elaborate upon is why Jefferson has weapons when he is anti gun. Jefferson has voted in favor of all kinds of gun legislation and against gun owners and our exercise of our 2nd Amendment rights a number times and yet he owns firearms. This is in line with a number of Democrats (and probably a few Republicans) who are against those rights expressed by the 2nd Amendment but who own weapons or have armed body guards. Once again, this is a glaring reminder of how the elite among us believe in one set of rules for us and another set for themselves. Truth be told, this is the real two Americas of which John Edwards speaks.

I am not surprised but am disappointed that the media would ignore such a huge discrepancy between Jefferson's beliefs for others and how he himself lives his life. It goes to show once again that the media will not report on items that runs counter to their agenda and we know that the drive by media is in favor of removing all guns from America (or making ownership so prohibitive that only the elite can posses them).

It is time for Dollar Bill Jefferson to go to jail for his crimes and it is time for us to remove the rest of them from office and replace them with average citizens who will follow the law and do the right thing. Perhaps Lott was on to something when he suggested they dissolve the Congress and wait until the next election. This is the only thing he said that made sense with regard to the immigration bill.

Don't forget to sign the petition against amnesty!

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