The JC Net & Radio Show. – UPDATE: “LEGAL” Drug Cartels

by John Clark Host–

Previously April 5, 2013:

In days gone by, Doctors made house calls. People were called patients and doctors seldom prescribed expensive drugs. However, doctors did advise home remedies: I.E. chicken soup, tea, Vicks, cod liver oil and Pepto Bismol. Believe it or not, 99% of their patients survived without expensive “legal” DRUGS.

One day, Doctors stopped making house calls. Why do you ask?

Well lets’ say they went the American way of “volume increases earnings” so the next innovation was to dispense all kinds of exotic sounding, but “legal” DRUGS. As a result, patients seeking health care have now became CUSTOMERS!

How did this happen…?

Well let’s see. The “legal” drug cartels [AKA Pharmaceutical Companies] started sending their agents to American doctors to entice them with all kinds of awards – like money, exotic trips and so on. And of course most of the agents just happened to be good looking women in high heels, tight skirts and dressed to the 9’s. …

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