It’s The Weekend Again – So Go See – Gran Torino

….‘Milk’ comes to mind, first.

What attracts my interest enough to go to a theatre is a movie such as:

Gran Torino

Directed by Clint Eastwood

Written by Nick Schenk

As far as I am concerned, Mr. Clint Eastwood should have won the Academy Awards. That is more than one. This movie has been out for a bit. If you are planning to go out to a movie, I recommend this one. This movie exhibits what is some of the best aspects of

America. It is in fact a freedom of speech and the exercise of the right to bear arms, for ones own defense and those in need of help. Essentially, it animates the first and second amendments to the U.S. Constitution in an intelligent and salient and compelling way. This presentation of the meaning of freedom of speech within which Mr. Eastwood not only directs but takes center stage, lightens the spirit and establishes the truth that it is not what you say, but what you do that counts. Hey Clint, More, we want more!

Directed by Clint Eastwood; written by Nick Schenk, based on a story by Dave Johannson and Mr. Schenk; director of photography, Tom Stern; edited by Joel Cox and Gary D. Roach; music by Kyle Eastwood and Michael Stevens; production designer, James J. Murakami; produced by Clint Eastwood, Robert Lorenz and Bill Gerber; released by Warner Brothers Pictures. Running time: 1 hour 56 minutes.

WITH: Clint Eastwood (Walt Kowalski), Bee Vang (Thao Lor), Ahney Her (Sue Lor) and Christopher Carley (Father Janovich).

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