It’s “Hail Mary”: Antichrist Is In Town

The town is abuzz with fear … the Antichrist is here. America is changing. It’s “Hail Mary”, also known as “The Big Bang”. Prophesy calls it World War III, in the Bible, Armageddon.

Don't confuse "The Big Bang" as a theory that created the Universe.

In this editorial, it is not a cosmos explosion — it is an internal implosion that destroys America.

As a writer whose many published editorials always thrust a foot forward into the future every time portentous events leave the door ajar, this overpowering mood — I told you so – is hard to resist and it is taking me over as I frantically punch the keys of the computer.

This editorial sequel I am now trying to reach you about as quickly as possible is quite ominous to townsfolk in backyard politics. When Barack Hussein Obama took over the presidency by storm [hook or by crook if you may considering that the fake birth certificate issue is still haunting the public like this wicked ghost in the bedroom that haunts in the depth of night when the lights are out], we are just a button away to nuclear war … to the “end of the world” as foretold.

World War III is associated with the coming of the Antichrist. But even believers of the arrival have a good reason to doubt because what has been foretold was unquestionably biblical or mystical although unfolding events reveal certain stark similarities that are undeniably real. Let’s review what I have written and published before. The coming of the Antichrist has been envisioned in many oracles which include the predictions of Nostradamus. This forfeits some sleepless night among those who think that in the oracles, in fact Obama could be the new antichrist arrival that spiritual pundits had eagerly awaited.

The main reason for this public trepidation is that we don’t know much about the president-elect then when the nation voted left – not yet anyway until now when his actions create events or happenings that bring us back to those terrifying prophesies.

There is no doubt that this is a sensitive issue to write about. We cannot be reckless in the way how this alarming phenomenon should be editorially portrayed for fear of being accused by Obamanoids that the expose is a delusional adventure, the writer lampooned or publicly derided by Obama supporters as a prejudiced non-colored slave master punching the reigning Moon of black Americans all over the country to knock it out of sight and once more leave them in the dark. Feeling isolated or discriminated against, they call this prejudice or bigotry.

Be that as it may, let me therefore start a poetic introductory as a soothing balm, simply by saying that the searing heat of summer has tapered off, and snow is coming. And so like the coming of the snow, just around the corner is the winter of our lives under President Obama who is so proud of his half African race for surviving a nation that had once practiced slavery … a nation that put a chain to the ankles of his ancestry.To divide this nation and conquer isa God-given opportunity for Obama to teach a racial lesson of black superiority, whichof course is doubly threatening [see the Doctrine of Yakub].

I describe this opening précis as follows: The disturbing coincidences between prophesies and real events are almost unbelievable. However, this column is first to admit that to make a conclusion by relying on prophesy alone does not make anyone of us a faultless or even a better visionary than a dissenting cynic who could be anyone of the angry Obamanoids. This is the caveat I serve to everyone even as I synthesize the comparison between prophesies and Obama, the new arrival as prefigured by many well-known soothsayers.

Furthermore, in this popular NWS populist site, there are specially targeted learned readers of editorialized revelations written in a somewhat higher plane judging from the frequent use of allegory and deeper euphemism to stress a critical point that the author wishes to convey … especially for those who love to warm themselves at home by the fireplace while snow starts to fall and settles on windowpanes; seated by the fireplace as we watch the flying sparks and the glowing ember of warmth and comfort of home sweet home, we could not help but ponder upon the radical changes Americans are still going to face in the days ahead, and wonder with utmost concerns what the future might be for America.

Similar imagery of the Antichrist from several writings outside of the bible-Nostradamus prophecy maybe sourced elsewhere; these no doubt also portend to be hypothetical or anecdotal yet it is very disturbing to reflect on each of them, especially during this time of uncertainties when a great majority of worried Americans cannot escape thinking what life in America is going to be under a radical liberal leadership that continues to muscle Americans to obeisance and submission, and how would Americans adjust their thinking and way of life in a new socialist environment where everyday resistance and civil disobedience are getting to be worrisome and becoming more dangerous.

One may even venture to say – and could hardly be wrong — that some or many Americans today anticipate a very dangerous civil unrest; in fact quite a number of them expect the coming of the second civil war; by now they could be probably shining their boots and cleaning their guns ready to do battle or fire their first shot. All of these happenings are monitored in our security screen, and we know that these are precipitated by the arrival of the Antichrist.

What seems to be the anchor of these symmetrical beliefs, i.e., that the Antichrist has arrived to recreate America and bring it down to its demise is that the predictions and prophesies are congruent at a particular point of reference or point of reality.

Here are examples of these disturbing prophesies that match with reality: Prophesy: The Antichrist is of Middle East/African ancestry who talked his way to become a Secular Messiah of the most powerful nation on the planet and eventually became the world’s most feared leader. Reality: As we know, the United States is the mightiest nation on the planet that just recently elected a new president. The rest about this new president is now a media event.

Again, in the prophesy, the cunning Antichrist is described as having a fork tongue, a glib talker of his cause that holds his listeners of opposing political, cultural and religious persuasions, color and creed, crazily spellbound. He cracks the whip and demands obeisance from all who are subject to his charisma … a new leader that would lead the world under his command, to anywhere, or in anyway he pleases.

In the real world, Obama unleashed his powerful oratory to justify the bombing of Pakistan if the pro-terrorist leadership there would not obey his wish and command to isolate Osama bin Laden that would lead to his capture; to the world he is America’s first dictator that his own State Secretary Hilary Clinton, in her primary election campaign against Obama, considers more dangerous than former president Bush and Saddam Hussein combined.

A Canadian literary seer sees Obama as an obscure lying politician with a gifted tongue: “When all the rhetoric is boiled down to its substance, the man is advocating unlimited state-sanctioned murder [abortion] and compounds it by indulging in habitual falsehood …[An] African-American talk show host in Los Angeles … listed 39 significant details that Barack Obama claimed were facts about himself, but on further investigation were proved [proven] to be simply untrue.” [1]

But here is how the dividing line between myth and reality disappears: The myth or mystical belief: Since the era of racial segregation that followed the Great American Civil War, it has always been a wistful thinking if not plain insanity for anyone to expect an African-American candidate, especially one with an agenda to “change” capitalism to socialism in this country, to get elected president of the United States. Reality: But several months before November 4, 2008, there was a Media bubble about Obama for the best of America to come, and on Election Day, America voted left.

This bubble burst. America is changing from what it used to be to what’s going to be … a nightmare to the majority of the American people earning $250,000 a year or more, orowning big, wealth-producing corporations, and too frightening to the rest of Americans who are not in welfare but who are scratching the ground to provide for welfare!

In these illustrations, the dividing line between Myth and Reality had disappeared. The oracle of doom is terrifyingly accurate … dreadfully true, to say the least!

Is this not in fact a demonstration of the insuperable power of the Antichrist over the captivated American electorates under his charismatic spell when America voted left? Although we generally do not believe in oracles, this explains our mental reservations, why maybe we should.

It cannot be denied that similar to the fork-tongued Antichrist, Obama’s image of self-contradictions is universally known beyond any reasonable doubt. This is not a made-up conclusion … it is not an idle talk either, or just a parochial illusion. There is no uncertainty or skepticism about it. I happen to be just one of hundreds maybe thousands of Media sentinels of freedom of expression in this country who have written and published a truckload of editorials on “oxymoron” attributed to Obama when he was candidate for president, and as president up to this point in time.

What could be tracked down surprisingly with ease is that this likeness of the Antichrist converges with the major attributes of the new arrival as foretold.

This Antichrist — biblical antagonist of Christ that arrived — is described as champion of mendacity, a messiah of falsehood, a master-blinder of truth. These manifest characteristics of the Antichrist who with an unchallenged power in his hand rules the world, breed animosity, which leads to conflicts and bloody confrontations and eventually, to a nuclear war – World War III or in the prophesy, Armageddon. It will be started by a civil war in the United States.

The false prophet and his disciples are now indoctrinating the youth of the land to become Obamanoid converts to do his battle. Have a good idea what this is all about by turning the knob at:

Here’s the problem: Obama was a bible candidate for president when he run to capture the White House. His fork tongue which has been described as as sharp as that of the prophesized Antichrist, captivated the fanciful dream of the youth of the land to stay irresponsibly young and carefree. As the free spirit of the time, they tend to be unemployed. To survive without work is not a problem if Obama becomes president. There was a promise to take good care of them as well as the nation’s economically disadvantaged. Obama run on a welfare platform. It’s payback time, and we see this agenda now unfolding before our eyes being carried out to the letter.

Rather than just hang around, why mustn’t the young do something for their country – maybe a community service or training in the military? With nothing to lose, the half-a-million youngsters with military training would eventually become Obama’s army to be dispersed throughout the United States in preparation for the civil unrest or civil war that many expect to come anytime from now.

As I write this down, Obama and his comrades in Congress are now gathering their army. Find this out here: This confirms the anxiety of millions of Americans that Obama is preparing for a bloody civil war. This is in response to millions of Americans opposed to his reign who are invoking their constitutional freedom to bear arms to defend themselves from dictators or tyrants; as in the sci-fi trilogy of man versus machine, Obama just wants to run them down not necessarily as human beings but as cloned humanoids with factory defects that has to be “aborted”, “erased” or eliminated.

Pentagon is at this writing asking Congress to authorize Obama to station “400,000 military personnel” across the land.

Obama wants a different kind of “emergency” situation where he can use the military under his command according to his own wishes.

As of now, the President of the United States “… can call up the Reserves only in an emergency involving ‘a use or threatened use of a weapon of mass destruction’ or ‘a terrorist attack or threatened terrorist attack in the United States that results, or could result, in significant loss of life or property.” See Title 10, Chapter 1209, Section 12304, of the U.S. Code.

This law “…explicitly prohibits the President from calling up the Reserves for any other “natural or manmade disaster, accident, or catastrophe.” [underscored]

Obama wants this changed. He wants that he alone as president, would determine what “emergency” or “major disaster” is occurring, so that he can use the military according to his own wishes.

And here’s why like a silent intruder, the “Big Bang” can be compared to a thief that comes in the middle of the night: The anticipated total destruction to come is premised on the theory that Obama and his political copies in Congress are politically correct politicians through and through; they would do anything to earn a standing ovation from the public that like them, also does not know any better.

On this premise, we are fully aware of the fact that politicians do not know how the economy works, thus they do not know how to solve the economic problems we have. The only solution they know is bailout here and bailout there, to save their cronies from falling into the deep abyss of bankruptcy.

When the kitty runs dry, there is no more grease money to hold the country together in this man-made orbit of perpetual financial transfusion, and we disintegrate.

The desperate act of the people will trigger a big paradigm shift on government policies in controlling oppositions and riots. With its marching boots, the besiege Government facing the likes of the Fall of Bastille, will now step down so hard on protests using such unimaginable brute force that has never been used before.

Blood of friends, foes and villains, would pour down from the physical and spiritual wounds of the dead and the dying …the bloody outpouringwould drench the streets like a torrential rain as America implodes.

When this great implosion called the “Big Bang” occurs in the United States, the sound of it will be so great the echo will reach the farthest corners of the globe.

The colloquial name for this internal collapse is bloody “Hail Mary”! #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS August 17, 2009.

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