Take all the best qualities you have ever found in any zoo you have ever been to, put them all together and voila, what do you have? Why of course you have the wild, wonderful and mystical adventure only found at the U.S.A. Nebraska, Henry Doorly Zoo. The Henry Doorly Zoo takes you and the kids into a wonderful realm that can only be found in your active imagination, your soul, your inspiration, to that mystical place called fantasy. A sign at the zoo reads “Lied jungle”, what is in there? Shall we venture in? As we open the door we hear strange wonderful sounds we have never heard before. It is very spooky at first until our eyes get acclimated, to the dark of it. After all we are in the “deep dark rain forest”, walking now, on an unmapped dirt trail. And where the trail will lead us, no one knows. As we begin our journey we can’t believe that we are really in a zoo. All of the unusual birds are flying all about this habitat, there are the wild sounds, the smells, and the elemental, and amazing grand waterfalls are preeminent. We continue our ultra experiential journey. Up ahead it looks like we will now be entering a cave. A sound startles us, and when we turn and look there is a clouded leopard gazing at us- but not to worry as it is behind a very well disguised fence. As we walk over a bridge we look below and see crocodiles and lo and behold a white one. Wow! We’ve never have seen a white Croc before. As we continue our journey the trail takes us further and further into the jungle, it soon takes on the look of the yellow brick road leading to OZ, lions and tigers and bears oh my. There we go with our fantasy, the song replays in our mind; “we are off to see the wizard” floats in our heads, but then a mist starts to fall on our face, could it be that we are close to the emerald city. There ahead of us looms a huge water fall, to the kids, there at the Henry Doorly zoo, it is American’s Niagara Falls, or maybe even Angel falls in Venezuela, South America. It is that big. The kids stand their transfixed their eyes as big as Oreo cookies. Wow they exclaim! Look at that! Then, after awhile it is time to head for our next adventure. As we leave the water fall, we can see a sign that reads “EXIT”, we all want to turn around and not leave this exciting journey but we know there are other adventures that await us in the this Mystical world called the Henry Doorly zoo. Our Next adventure will continue in the near future; then, we will return to the Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo® when John Clark continues the story of the “Desert Dome” right here at: This is dedicated to my friend Rusty Harmsen. Copyright © 2007 – John Clark Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo® 3701 S 10th Street – Omaha, NE 68107 – Informational Recording: (402) 733-8400 – Business Office: (402) 733-8401 – Fax: (402) 733-7868

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