It IS About Blood

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio patrols nine thousand two hundred square miles of Arizona land with only one deputy per two square miles. In spite of his daunting task, Joe still finds time to upset the Mexican-American community, and the anti-American liberal Obama Marxists by conducting sweeps to arrest these illegal invaders, whom no one can speak of with candor because they are cloaked in untold numbers among Arizona’s Mexican-American communities. American-Latinos are knowingly or unknowingly breaking federal immigration laws USC 8, Sec. 1324, 274, 275, 276, and 277 stating it is a federal offense to “aid, abet, house, transport, provide housing or in any way assist an illegal alien to remain within the United States regardless of your personal convictions.”

Joe Arpaio and his deputies are doing their job; upholding the laws of the United States of America, while politicians, sensitive to the plight of these illegal invaders (and undoubtedly looking out for future voters), won’t even use the term “Illegal immigrant,” for fear of tarnishing the image of those who would illegally raid our country and pillage our resources or offending those who "support" illegal brethren. The weak, limp, liberal linguistic relativity, the foundation of this “PC” movement, won’t save the social fabric of our cities from being destroyed by one million immigrants a year; especially those who bring guns, drugs, disease or more human slaves to add to the taxpayer burden.

Being Mexican does not anoint illegal invaders with a romantic amulet of respect; they are breaking our countries laws. Karl Marx believed that words may be used to confuse, change and control the dolts, rubes and twits who constitute the governed, but constantly spouting the word “racism” is not going to force Americans to accept this new kind of immigrant any longer. Ethnic scapegoat doesn’t carry water when you, your children and grand children are the ones at risk here. Just ask one of the millions of Joe Arpaio supporters. Liberals and their lackey politicians aren’t going to force this one down the throats of Arizona voters, who have had it up to their chins with the frothy outrage of illegal alien rights groups. The hard working American taxpayers have some “rights” in this deal, and the United States has some very clear laws on the books about “illegals;” something head banger Nancy Pelosi needs a tutorial on after announcing “arresting illegals is un-American.” Nancy, commit yourself; please. George Orwell was only a warning. You sound crazy enough to be a blueprint for the Marxist “destroy America” administration. Well, let's all take a deep breath: you ARE third in line to the presidency… Wow, a sobering thought. The best prescription for addressing this very real ailment is not to further empower an already enormous flow of illegals into America, but to grow up and follow the rules. A single illegal border crossing can mean the presence of a professional killer walking the streets of an American city seeking prey. The Mexican-American communities need to step-up and see this side of the issue, and not merely defend illegals because they are Mexican. Ethnic voting blocs will not save cities from the robberies or gang murders of illegals, or the mass death caused by an “illegal” crossing with a nuclear or biological weapon. Please grasp the full scope of this issue – it has nothing to do with “race.” The rest of us are tired of hearing it. The rest are tired of hearing about “immigrant rights activists.”

In a time of terrorism, our borders should be impenetrable. Not a single person should be able to enter the U.S. without the government or law enforcement knowing exactly who he or she is. All the paper pushers in the world will mean little if we don’t have the stomach to let authorities catch those here in violation of our laws – some of whom are violent criminals or terrorists in waiting.

Ultimately, the burden of responsibility will land squarely on the shoulders of Latino-American communities in Arizona and across America. THEY need to decide which flag to hoist; Mexico’s or the Stars and Stripes. Latino community leaders need to make a stand and see that Marxist grievance mongers use them to do what they do best; keep the pot stirred to keep Americans divided. Stop hiding behind a worn-out “racial profiling” defense. To visualize how childish it is, imagine yourself a young Lieutenant sweeping Iraq villages looking for Al Qaeda insurgents, and having an embedded communist ACLU gadfly telling you “You cannot interrogate these people it is racial profiling.” Would you state “I am doing it wrong, I should be looking for Caucasians with blue eyes?” Norwegians are not crossing our southern border and illegally invading America.

Latino-Americans, step-forward and do the right thing. Show some allegiance to your adopted country. Do the right thing for YOUR families and stop tearing this nation apart with separatist agendas. Nothing revives the past so completely as the smell that was once associated with it. Remember the nation you fled, and why, and ask yourself if you want the same thing for your families here. A civilization is built on what is required of men, not on that which is provided for them. You came here for a new life so keep moving you and your families forward.

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