It gets more absurd all the time!

For many years immigration reformers have focused attention on the Mexican border, as that is where the vast majority of illegal aliens cross, often carrying drugs, and escorted by heavily-armed drug smugglers.

For Border Patrol officers it is a dangerous place, and over the years many of them and other law enforcement personnel have given their lives to help keep us safe from drugs and terrorists. Meanwhile, our government has not given them the tools or the personnel to do their jobs, and has even hindered them in some cases.

A perfect example of this is the case of two agents, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean, as reported by knowledgeable sources. They were near the border when they confronted a suspected drug smuggler. Agent Ramos apprehended the suspect and struggled with him, but this individual managed to free himself and start running toward


. Suddenly the suspect turned. Fearing that this fugitive was preparing to open fire, agent Compean fired at him. The suspect turned back around and kept running.

The two agents then returned to their duties not realizing that one of the bullets struck the suspect’s buttocks. Consequently, they did not file a report.

It happened, however, that the suspect’s mother knew someone in the Border Patrol in

Naco ,


, and told him what had happened to her son. The agent then told someone in Homeland Security, who in turn, went to


to talk with the suspect. As the result of that meeting, the suspect got an offer of immunity if he would testify against the two Border Patrol agents, an offer he took. The two agents now face charges which could send them to prison for 20 years. The alleged drug smuggler is now free to sue the Border Patrol for millions because his civil rights were supposedly violated.

And don’t think that the Mexican border is the only place where absurdity reigns. Cubans are now going to



, a deserted island 45 miles off the coast of

Puerto Rico

. Because the island is part of Puerto Rico, a U.S. Commonwealth, Cubans who arrive there illegally can claim legal residence in the


under the Cuban Adjustment Act, a law giving them, but not any other nationality, this privilege. Also they can get almost $9,000 for expenses and low interest business loans and free medical—all supplied by you, the American taxpayer.

So once the illegal Cubans reach



after evading the Coast Guard, Border Patrol, and other law enforcement, they are home free, and have to be picked up by the Coast Guard taken to the Puerto Rican mainland.

The Border Patrol in Puerto Rico is responsible not only for

Puerto Rico

, but also the U.S. Virgin Islands which have now been taken over by; yes you guessed it, Homeland Security. And now an out-of-control stream of illegal’s from every nation coming through the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The Border Patrol has only 20 agents in

Puerto Rico

and no helicopter, though it used to have one and no boats. It does have six vehicles, enough to patrol, at any one time, about 40 miles of a 300 miles shoreline.

Are you outraged? If not, then there is not much hope for our country. If you are, do something about it: vote every politician out of office that has ever catered to illegals. And don’t be fooled into giving them a pass because gasoline prices have come down lately. Do you think it is just a coincidence that this happened during an election season?

We need to elect decent congressmen, and put someone in the White House like Congressman Tom Tancredo. Enough is enough.

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