Israel ~ Iranian Arms & Family’s Slaughter

Israeli commandos intercepted a ship loaded with tons of Iranian-supplied weapons that was destined for Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip, reports indicate.

The elite Naval Commando 13 unit, the Shayetet, boarded the Liberian-flagged ship Victoria 200 miles off Israel's coast in the Mediterranean Sea Tuesday. Its last port of call was in Turkey.

Haaretz reports that the cargo started in Syria, stopped in Turkey and was to arrive in Egypt's El-Arish port. From there, it would be sent by land into Gaza. Crew members apparently were unaware of the nature of their cargo, and an Israeli military official said Turkey was not responsible "in any aspect."

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised to release more details about the shipment in the next day. He gave the order to board the ship based on what the Jerusalem Post called "firm intelligence" it carried Iranian arms headed to Gaza.

"The attempt to smuggle weapons into Gaza shows that there are radical forces who continue to try and harm Israel and undermine stability in the region," Defense Minister Ehud Barak said.

It's the latest successful interception of arms shipments by Israeli commandos. This 2009 story offers more examples. by IPT News • Mar 15, 2011 at 9:23 am

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Israel Protests Reaction To Family's Slaughter

Israel is demanding that CNN apologize for "tendentious and deceptive" coverage of Friday night's brutal slaughter of five members of a family as they slept in their home in a West Bank settlement.

Authorities are unsure whether one or two terrorists apparently scaled the security fence surrounding Itamar, an Israeli West Bank settlement, forced their way into the home of Udi and Ruth Fogel and went from room to room stabbing people as they slept. The Fogels (a rabbi and a schoolteacher) and three of their children were killed. Yoav Fogel was 11. Elad was three, and their sister Hadas was just three-months-old.

An early version of a story on CNN's website carried the headline "Israeli Family of five killed in 'terror attack.'"

"Only you decided to use the term terrorist attack in quotation marks, as if this were not necessarily the case," wrote Oren Helman, director of Israel's Government Press office, in a letter to CNN Jerusalem Bureau Chief Kevin Flower protesting the coverage. "There is a limit to the extent of objectivity regarding such a horrific deed."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to forcefully condemn the attack in Palestinian media. Abbas did condemn the attack in an interview with Israeli radio, but Netanyahu said that

Three other Fogel children survived the attack. Tamar, a 12-year-old girl, was at a neighbor's house at the time. She discovered the carnage when she returned home. Two brothers, ages two and eight, were in a side room and were unharmed.

In an interview with, a neighbor described the aftermath, as the surviving children learned their parents and sibling dead. One of the surviving sons had blood all over his clothes. He was crying: "Where's my daddy? Where's daddy? I want my daddy," the neighbor said. "I changed his clothes, he was tired, and I cleaned the blood off his legs."

"The children were literally slaughtered," an IDF officer said, describing the scene in the Fogel house, where blood-soaked toys were strewn across the floor. "This is one of the most brutal attacks we have ever seen."

Israeli soldiers are searching for Palestinian terrorists in connection with the massacre. Relatives released gruesome photographs of the victims. Israel Today explained the family wanted "to show the world the kind of cruelty with which Jews are targeted in their homeland." by IPT News • Mar 14, 2011 at 8:55 pm

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