Israel-Bashing Group ….. With University of Pittsburgh Endorsment – Shame!

by ZOA –

Israel-Bashing Group Exploits Holocaust Remembrance Day – With University of Pittsburgh Endorsement

Univ. of Pittsburgh that Rewarding Students for Attending SJP’s Anti-Semitic Event is Wrong

On April 16, 2015, the so-called “Students for Justice in Palestine” (SJP) chapter at the University of Pittsburgh plans to host an event on Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day), featuring a Holocaust survivor who will be linking the Nazis’ atrocities committed against the Jewish people to Israel’s policies and practices toward the Palestinian Arabs. Making this link is absurd, morally outrageous and deeply offensive. It is also anti-Semitic, according to U.S. government standards.

Not a single administrator at the University of Pittsburgh has condemned the SJP for misappropriating Holocaust Remembrance Day and trivializing the experiences of the Jewish victims of the Nazis genocide. In fact, the University of Pittsburgh is legitimizing and endorsing this event, and encouraging students to attend, by offering them academic and financial incentives through the university’s “Outside the Classroom Curriculum” (OCC) program.

If a student attends the SJP’s hateful event, he/she will earn OCC credit and become eligible for “tangible perks,” according to the university’s website. Among the perks are enhancements of the student’s academic record, getting “exclusive Honorary Society invitations,” and earning a substantial monetary grant.

The ZOA has repeatedly contacted Chancellor Patrick D. Gallagher; Patricia E. Beeson, the Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor; and Kenyon R. Bonner, the Interim Vice Provost and Dean of Students, urging them to: (1) publicly condemn the SJP’s event as hateful, anti-Semitic, and against the values of the university; and (2) ensure that the university does not offer any reward or incentive to students to attend the SJP’s event, including but not limited to offering OCC credit.

The University has not even shown the courtesy of responding.


Contact Chancellor Gallagher, Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor Beeson, and Interim Vice Provost and Dean of Students Bonner, and let them know that you find the university’s actions appalling and unacceptable. You can write to these administrators at the University of Pittsburgh, 4200 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15260. Or call or email them:

Chancellor Patrick Gallagher: (412) 624-4200; (Patrick Gallagher’s assistant, Mary Race)

Provost Patricia Beeson: (412) 624-4223;

Kenyon Bonner: (412) 648-1006;

Tell these administrators that the university should not be complicit in the SJP’s anti-Semitic event, which tars Jews and Israelis, and trivializes the crimes committed against the Jewish people during the Holocaust.

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