Islamic State Ebooks Advise Jihadis On Evading Detection

by John Rossomando –

Islamic State supporters published two English-language ebooks online last weekend, advising potential recruits how to evade detection. One, How to Survive in the West: A Mujahid Guide (2015), advises potential jihadis in Europe how to form sleeper cells. Hijrah to the Islamic State: What to Pickup, Who to Contact, Where to Go, Stories and More! targets potential recruits seeking to join them in Syria.

The foreword to How to Survive in the West promises to “teach you how to be a secret Agent who lives a double life,” which it advises will be a must for Muslims in the coming years.
“The disbelievers in the West started/commenced the attacks against the masses of Muslims first, accusing us of being terrorists. Will you not fight such people?” the author of How to Survive in the West wrote. He suggests focusing attacks on those who insult Islam or Muslims because they are the “real enemies.”

Muslim converts are instructed to hide their faith as much as possible and to avoid talking to people following Friday prayers at their local mosques. Cradle Muslims are told to dress in ways that blend in with their surroundings to reduce chances of landing on a terrorist watch list.

Jihadists are advised to engage in credit-card fraud or sell fake products on eBay to raise money for jihad. They should keep a low profile online by using anonymous web browsers or sites which allow for anonymous emails.

It also suggests befriending white people who are dissatisfied with their governments and recruiting white converts into undercover jihad. “A Muslim not telling the full truth (even to other Muslims) is not a lie, and this is allowed for the believer in a state of war,” the book says.

Other sections contain jihadist testimonials and advice on obtaining military training, constructing bombs and improvised weapons similar to those found in Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula’s Inspire Magazine.
It holds up the Charlie Hebdo attack as a model for lone-wolf attacks, and suggests that symbolic places should be targeted.

How to Survive in the West envisions aligning with left-wing “anti-fascist groups” to retaliate against neo-Nazi attacks against Muslims and exploiting the resulting unrest to launch terrorist attacks.

“This is how the future Jihad in Europe will begin,” the book says.
Jihadis are advised to escape to Islamic State territory following their attack. Hijrah to the Islamic State: What to Pickup, Who to Contact, Where to Go, Stories and More! goes into great detail about what to bring, how to communicate, how to travel and where to go to reach Islamic State-held territory. |Apr 1, 2015


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