ISLAM: Religion of Carnage and Human Suffering

Your “mutual respect” statement in Cairo does not include me or tens of millions of other Americans who have ZERO respect for murdering Muslims. You do not speak for us. The horrendous body count from 13,297 senseless acts of Muslim terrorism earns no “mutual respect.” A religion who cuts-off hands and feet for minor infractions, brutalizes women and straps bombs on their children to kill other children of a different faith gets no “respect.” Who can “respect” a group of people who danced in the streets of America during the 911 attack? Who can respect a religious monolith that touts daily around the globe that infidels and Jews must die?

Respect, Mr. Obama? We are fighting angry, and becoming angrier by the day at your moves to coddle and reward this bloodthirsty group. You said you would reinstate American Muslims ability to give to their charities after our FBI spent exhaustive years to uncover Islamic charities in America were a great source of terrorist funding. You are undoing our security shields established by dedicated, committed American law enforcement.

Islam has yet, in it’s history, produced a democratic and prosperous society or social and cultural form admired by neutral observers. Covering and lying for them is pure folly. Your actions and words are in the sunlight of public scrutiny. Tens of millions of us know exactly where your allegiance lies. A certain segment of America may cling to your every word, but Islam is what it is instructed to be by their holy book. There was no “Golden Age of Islam,” which is a fairy tale myth perpetrated by liberal liars and multiculturalists. American citizens deserve more than a yellow brick road paved with insidious intentions. We sit, like doomed animals gathered at the door yet have the conflict of our kindred herd, and each of us harbors some hope of plan for the future; a job, a destination, an aspiration that cannot be fulfilled under the dry, half-smiling allusion that “Islam is peaceful.” Every day a Muslim bomb somewhere on earth explodes killing people who have the “audacity” to practice another religion. Peaceful humans build clinics and food distribution centers to lend a helping hand to humanity. People with peace in their hearts nurture and care for people in need. They do not behead them, stone them, hang them, chop-off their limbs or blow them up in the name of Allah. Muslims have never extended a peaceful hand anywhere around this globe. Stop the lying by trying to reinvent historical truth. Give us ONE example of Muslim peace towards mankind.

All Muslims read the same Koran (Qur’an), but some, when the Surah’s sink into their hating Islamic minds, believe that the faithful need not eat the sand and camel dung of the world while the Great Satan grows fat on sugar and pork and under priced petroleum. They believe that the nearly two billion followers of Islam need not have their eyes, ears and souls corrupted by poisonous infidels and ruthless imperialist economics whose Christian and Jewish God is a decrepit idol concealing the despair of atheists.

Some Muslims care nothing for Allah, and because they are atheists or idolaters, they discourage assimilation and often create social tension with hate crime laws designed to stifle discussion and intimidate infidels.

The origination and perpetuation of Muslim hatred, Mr. Obama, begins and ends inside the pages of the Koran (Qur’an). We are to have “mutual respect” for a religion who’s followers read 44 times within their holy book to pursue and kill infidels and Jews? Do you plan on rewriting the Koran,? Because until their “instructions” do not include our deaths, there can be no respect.

America’s citizens are waking up. Until we can see some acts of peace; some anger within their own communities towards terrorism, there will be no “respect.”

The daily demands Islam puts-upon our culture in America grows. Their threats become more intense, and their tentacles of hatred and “community organizing” grow larger and more vociferous and more potent; and more deadly. Our prison system turns-out 30 to 40 thousand new angry Muslim converts every year. The United States of America cannot sustain under two legal systems. There is no room here for Sharia, and we know you know this.

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