Islam: Dripping with Innocent Blood

The numbers are in and as grandma would say; “it ain’t pretty.” The “peaceful religion,” as our new administration and Hollywood left-wing surrender lunatics would have you believe, aren’t going to like these either; but here they are:

During the past 7 years Muslim terrorists have slaughtered 67,169 innocent human beings and wounded another 84,190 in 11,056 cowardly terrorist attacks. It takes a LOT of gunpowder to maintain your global status of “peaceful.” The typical terrorist attack in the name of Allah is built around shrapnel, flying metal that will kill or maim as many innocent women and children as possible within a gory, bloody crime scene. These figures don’t include the Muslim women stoned to death, hung, or beheaded at the hands of their own relatives. We’re supposed to respect this hatred and violence? Christians and Jews are supposed to respect Islamic institutes and universities that teach “Jews are pigs and monkeys”, that women must be stoned to death for adultery, and that Muslims must fight the world to spread their bloody nonsense? Muslims are concerned they aren’t being perceived as “peaceful” and call people like me an Islamophobe motivated by bigotry and racism. When you murdering bastards stop the bloodlust, I’ll stop telling the absolute truth. For you leftie lunatics who still cling to some misguided notion that “not all Muslims are evil,” ask yourself one question: Would YOU continue to be part of a group that believed in their souls that Christians and Jews should die? What kind of psychotic motivation would keep a person in this “religion?”

Once Pakistan falls into the hands of Al-Qaeda, any week now, these same “peace spreaders” will have 100 nuclear terrorist warheads. I know, it’s all mind-boggling and thank goodness “over there,” like the Muslim lunatics who murdered 3,000 Americans in the Twin Towers, right? Think again.

America has produced its first terrorist bomber, bred in a “peaceful” Minneapolis mosque. Somali and naturalized U.S. citizen Shirwa Ahmed was radicalized at his Minnesota mosque and recruited to drive a truck loaded with explosives. Several of Ahmed’s “associates” have left the U.S. and are unaccounted for. How many other young men within U.S. communities have been radicalized in the 2,300 mosques to kill themselves for Allah? An FBI undercover investigation in 2005 states that 75 per cent of mosques in The United States teach anti-American radicalism. How many U.S. cities could fall prey to such an attack? Since the new administration has just given murdering Arabs another $920 million U.S. dollars to continue their murder of Jews, I seriously doubt that question comes-up; after all, this is the same White House outfit who has banned the use of the word “terrorism” with more vigor than their liberal propagandists banned the word “Hussein”. The “new” White House tries to evoke a chiaroscuro of an intellect suspended at the top of the last divine monarchy, exposed to the philosophies of Islam, Communism and Marxism, stricken by hatred and mistrust of Caucasians. To be more succinct, this administration is more closely aligned with Middle East Arabs and the “style” of Hugo Chavez, so admired by the left.

The same people who twist themselves into paroxysms of isms forfeit any homework in making themselves feel better by voting for a black candidate. As Obama draws closer to the center of this Muslim storm his statement “If the political winds shift in an ugly direction I will side with them (Muslims),” will be watched more closely. These same worshippers, whose crystal ball was clouded by sound bytes and lies, will delve into research and learn for themselves, too late, he did mean “change,” but of an entirely different kind; for his past is not merely untangling knots, it is solving the mystery of embroidered weaves of a Gordian knot. The mystery for Christians and Jews is far less complicated. Muslims want you dead, and the “politically correct” ballet dance isn’t going to deter Islam’s intent. Being politically correct isn’t going to save you from a Muslim terrorist bomb.

The death and injured numbers above? They are growing. 2009 will be a banner year for Muslim global blood letting. It’s time to stop fooling yourself. As any judge would pronounce: “the evidence is in.” Enough is indeed enough. Write your elected representative and remind them to stop the lying about Islam. They are not nurturing mankind on our planet; they are murdering mankind, and at an increased pace.

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