Isis In Iraq, Mob In Streets Of Ferguson Mo. – USA

 by George Weir –

Today Aug.20th,2014 a group of devils which calls themselves “Isis” (Islamic State In Iraq) released a video of them beheading an America Journalist named James Foley.  No, it didn’t matter to them about his innocents or guilt, they only wanted blood.

On the streets of Ferguson Mo. We see a mob of people with the same thought, ( convict and crucify).

Ten days ago Michael Brown was shot and killed by an officer of the law by the name of Darrel Wilson on the street of Ferguson Mo.  Michael Brown was black, Darrel Wilson was white, since then the streets have been busy with protesters, mostly black, but not all, but all with the same objective, charge Darrel Wilson with the murder of Michael Brown.

The mob came to this conclusion long before any fact of the case came to light, and even now there are conflicting opinions about what happened on the horrible day in Ferguson, but the mob is calling for a swift conviction, not caring about guilt or innocence.

We seem to believe that this kind of justice could only happen in some other third world country, but not in America, but it is happening, and that is sad.

It has also opened the door for those that wish to throw even more discourse on an event that is already out of control, many of these are outsiders from another city, some as far off as New York, there only reason is to loot, and cause damage to local stores, and to stir up even more turmoil in the local community.

Also it has opened the door for those that can’t pass up a good race riot such as All Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, they are also calling for the head of Darrel Wilson, but this is to be excepted, this is their vocation, and yes, they are rather good at it, they should be, they have been at it for years.

Much of the media is equally guilty, many have pre-judged this case not even caring about (guilt or innocence), just make this case against Darrel Wilson swift.

Politics as usual is raising it’s ugly head, Missouri Gov. (D) Jay Nixon is also calling for a swift and just verdict of guilty, so the family of Michael Brown can have some closure and justice, But sadly I never hear any call for justice for Darrel Wilson, in America it has always been excepted as justice to be innocent until proven guilty, but apparently many in America do not accept this, but they rush to judgment without knowing all the facts of the case.

Yes like most Americans I have been glued to the TV watching the mob walk the streets, chanting “Hands up, don’t shoot” and I wonder, is this so much different than Isis?

If Darrel Wilson was released into the mob of people calling for his head, how long would he last on the streets of Ferguson Mo.? Something to think about!!

Isis had bragged that their flag would someday be hanging on the White House, but when I see mobs walking the streets in middle America chanting for the head of someone that just may be innocent, it make one to wonder.

Yes I’m saying that there is something wrong in America when mobs take to the streets, looting, killing, throwing bottles and cursing the police that are there to protect them.

But fear not, the Attorney General of the United States is now on the scene, along with about eighty hand picked attorneys all wishing for the same thing, a closure for the Brown family and a swift conviction of Darrel Wilson.

It always makes me feel good when AG Eric Holder with his band of lawyers comes on the scene. They have done a super job of keeping President Obama in the comfort of the White house, and also the great job investigating the Internal revenue Service, and the great job with the black Panthers during the election, and the list could go on and on about the great work they have done with the race relation in America, just makes one feel warm and cozy knowing they are fair and balanced, not taking into account politics, just enforcing the law.

The problem is as I see it is, Ferguson Mo. Is a great small city, filled with many great Americans, they get up in the morning and go to work, they see to it that their children are well educated, and they just wish this mob would just go home, but sadly not all Americans see things this way.

This is where things gets serious, many people in America don’t want peace for themselves or for their neighbor.  They have the same mentality as the killers of Isis.  They have no love for their country, and they will join any group of people that has the same hatred for justice and the rule of law.

These are the people that Isis are looking for, people that has so much hatred for America, and that are willing to join their evil ideology and cause mob riots in the streets.

The problem is Ferguson is fueled by race, and the deep division of miss-trust between those that try to keep the law, and those that have no respect for the law.

Hopefully some day America will see the day that the people can live side by side, but as long as there are those that see themselves as victims of society, and are unwilling to detach themselves from the elements of the dark side of society, peace will be slow in coming.

But unlike the evil deeds of Isis, I hope that the people will wait for the truth, and not rush to judgment, if we don’t, what difference are we?

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