Is the Tide of Illegal Immigration Turning?

…update therecent Motions to Dismiss my Writ of Mandate (NWS: Writ of Mandamus – A Citizen's Right of Petition)filed in the U. S. District Court, Eastern Kentucky District.

The obvious consequence of Sanctuary policies is that of extending an open invitation to illegal aliens. "Come on in!Free schools! Free health care!Free Benefits! Lots of jobs! No enforcement of the law! No English!"

By individually challenging these incentives for continued illegal immigration, citizens have begun a grass roots revolt against state and local governments across the nation.Open demonstrations, email campaigns, endless telephone calls, pointed letters,and now civil lawsuits in state and federal courts are forcinggovernment officials to answer to We The People. For each action locally we are seeing a multipliedeffect nationwide.

The tide of illegal immigrationseems to beturning around the country. Self-deportations and forced deportations are at record levels. The influx of illegals into the United States is down to an estimated 50%.

We mustnot let up now through self-congratulation or complacency. In fact we mustINCREASE and EXPAND our efforts on a broader scaleagainstlocal, state, and federal governments.

In 2007, the issue we faced in Lexington, Ky was a doubling rate of illegal alienarrivalsby 285%over 10 years, with the doublingrateincreasing each year.I mustremind you that our numbers are estimates for how can you count those who hide from detection?

We had an estimated 9,000 to 15,000 illegal aliens in Fayette County in 1997.Their numbersmay be as high as45,000 now.The Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics publishes a count of "12,000 – 15,000"illegal alliens in our county but stipulates that "due to the inability to get an accurate count these figures could be higher by a factor of 21/2 – 3 times."At the current rate, by 2015 we could see as many as 150,000 illegal aliens in Lexington-Fayette County, KY,which only has a currentnative population of 290,000!

I attended a meeting of Lexington's Hispanic leaders in 2001 conducted by one Josh Santana.The twopronged objective was to (1) organize the Hispanic community under the principles of La Raza and the Reconquista movement in order to gain political influence in Lexington's government and (2) bring in as manyHispanics as possible to support that effort. Josh was later appointed Hispanic Affairs Advisor toboth former mayor Isaac andincumbent Mayor Newberry who have endorsed and implemented Sanctuary City policies. They thought they were winning.

Moreover, the illegal alien population has metastasized to outlying rural communities who initially received them with open-doorsouthern hospitality. At least, that was the case in Versailles, KY,until the Latin Kings ganginfiltrated their schools. At least, that was the caseuntilthose rural townsrealized that the Mexican Federation drug cartel, operating "in the shadows," is controlling the crystal methamphtamine distribution throughout Eastern Kentuckywhich iskilling our children and adults alike! These good communities had no clue who they let in and now have no clue how to get them to leave, short of applying judicious"Kentucky Justice."

We've lost Kentucky jobs, public housing, andpublic assistance to illegal alien imposters with fraudulent identification and corrupt employers and landlords. All this, inthe 46th or 47th poorest state in the nation with a 6.3% unemployment rate. Our Democrat Governor,Steve Beshear, stated publicly this week that he had "no idea" that illegal immigration is costing the state $56 million annually (est. $112 million in 2020) injust health care, education, and incarceration costs alone.

The Kentucky House of Representatives Judiciary Committee Chair, Kathy Stein (D-Lexington), outright killed Anti-Sanctuary State H.B. 304 (Damron, Lee)in the last General Assembly. It was the most severe presentation of cranio-rectal inversion I have ever seen. So intractable was her disease that it is now called Stein's Disease.I am on the public House record recommending that she consult with an Opthalamo-proctologist who treats people whose heads are stuck so far up their rectums that the can't see S___!

Consequently, Kentuckyis a Sanctuary State by default. No ICE 287(g) program.No E-verify. No SAVE program. No REAL ID Act. While lamenting the multitude problems (which first requires admitting the problem) the state legislatorsare fuelingillegal immigration. For each city and statethat adopts anti-Sanctuary laws, their illegal alien population seeks safe haven in other Sanctuary states. Many come to Kentucky.Those states'problemshave becomeKentucky's problems.

We should be emboldened by recentvictories overillegal immigration.The Immigration Counsel for U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell called this week."David, you cannot imagine how effective your (OUR) work has become. You're (WE'RE) lighting grassroots wildfires across the entire nation! Citizens are fed-up and are holding their governments responsible. They're taking them to court, hitting them where it hurts in their pocketbooks.They're challenging Sanctuary policies. It's amazing and it's not just coming from the federal level down, either. It's from a grass roots level up as it's never been seen before!"

The Internet has become our most formidable weapon in this noble fight to regain our sovereignty.The Internet is to our battles as is the communicationnetwork to theDepartment of Defense, NSA, and CIA.It is absolutely vital to our success. It is working but each of us must have a well establish network of recipients to relay ACCURATE (emphasis intended)information in a timely and rapid manner.

Indeed, it isexactly such a model that I taught Indonesian student resistance organizations in 1998.Inthe fourth most populated country in the world andMuslimnation,with 17,000 islandsand 700 languages, they achievedthe (mostly) peaceful overthrow of the dictator Suwarto.In their first fair democratic elections, Indonesians voted the people's choice of President Megawati into office. This alltook less than two years! Their successwas entirleyInternet mediated.

Federal RICCO legislation against New Haven, Hartford, and San Francisco is currently being explored. As these cases unfold the USDOJ will be looking closely at applying similar actions against other Sanctuary cities or states.Holding individual officials criminally responsible andrisking seizure of all personal assets willbe a resounding shot across the bow for others. RICO laws are "Lethal Force" against defendantsand may bethe most effectivelegal enforcement weapon to date.

I look forward to a review of the Immigration and Naturalization Act (Rev. 1996)in the next Congress.We could seereinforcement or we could see a dismantling of the federal law, I understand. It'll be a roll of the dice depending on the outcome of Nov.4. In either event we simply must perfect our communications network nowand be prepared for a fight then!

Is the tide of illegal immigration turning? I think so, but like the ebb and flow of the sea we must be prepared for a reversal at any time. For my part, I have an active Pro Sefederal suit against Lexington and Kentucky in the U.S. District, 6th Circuit(See NWS article "Writ of Mandate: A Citizen's Right to Petition"). Youcan access the Writ (authored by Ms. Jenean McBrearty, Danville, KY), and all court actions subsequently,by registering on PACER (Google: PACER), the federal courtrecords accesssystem, andreferencingmylast and first name (Duncan, David) or by entering Civil case #08-319. You may alsogo to (Search: "Illegal Immigration Lawsuit Duncan v, LFUCG et al") for a copy of the original filing.

AlthoughI may may not ultimately prevailthis time, I have already won a moral victory nationally.Anti-illegal immigration organizations are reviewing the Writ as a model to be used for their own federal actions in Colorado, Arkansas, and Tennessee. Anassociation of 20,000 farmersin Washington State is adaptingthe Writ for filingPro Segrievances against their state Agricultural Department. NWS andScribd havepublished my article and the Writ.Hundreds of blogs have received the information.Innumerable citizens are discussing this mechanism of active legal processandpreparing their own legal actions.

Inmilitary Special Operations we use the covert operations term "Force Multiplication." I adopted this concept a while back and refer to it as "Internet Communication Force Multiplication."If every10 people you contact agree withyour concept and forward that to 10 more each who each forward the concept to 10 more each then 1 becomes10 becomes 100 becomes 1,000 and so on into the hundreds of thousands and millions in short order.Yourconcept or information can criss-cross our country by EXPONENTIAL multiplication to our allieswithin a matter of hours or days.

As an example, my in-box hada new email contact two weeks agofrom a South Americanmember of a pro-Democracy alliance of Hispanics south of the Rio Grande.He write for more than 100 blogs and forums in Spanish.Together we are working to advise all Latin American nationals not to come to America for obvious economic and enforcement reasons. The risks are too great. The U.S. is nowthe Land of NO Opportunity!They must stay put and work to achieve economic and social reforms in their own countries. Additionally, through their Internetnetwork we are spreadingcompelling reasons that legal Hispanic-Americans throughout the United States must not votefor Barak Hussein "Hugo Chavez" Obama based on clear evidence of hisparty's Marxist principles.

While my suit may not prevail, I ask you to Force Multiply my actions by taking your ownactions against your cities and states in the federal courts. File 10 Writsfrom Sea to Shining Sea! If 10Writs don'tdo it, file 100, 1,000, or 10,000 Writs!

My Writ has only cost $350, some time, public exposureand plenty of entertainment. Our government officials are in a state of desperation and panic. They have nodefenseto their willfulviolations offederal Civil Rights Act of 1964, the federal INA of 1996, and the federal Welfare Benefits Act!

What can they say? So far they've only been able torespond, "We know the laws. We haven't complied with the laws. We're not presentlycomplying the laws. We won't comply with the laws and no federal judge can make us comply to the federal laws!

We'll see. They tide may very well turn some more!

Dr. David M. Duncan

Lexington, KY


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