Is The B. H. Obama Birth Truth Stranger Than Fiction

….No! The NWS staff after reviewing the filmed Attorney, Phillip J. Berg video — provided for your review right here at NWS – is skeptical, to say the least.

Obama has been sued in federal court by Attorney Phillip J. Berg. The suit demands that Obama, Hussein Barrack prove that he is an Natural American Born Citizen. If B. Hussein O. is not a Natural American Born Citizen, the United States Constitution eliminates anyone including the B. H. Obama from being the President of the USA, period.

Today folks, the National Writers Syndicate .com [NWS] is now providing the filmed interview of the Former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania for eight years, who is now America’s and the NWS staff most favorite Attorney, Phillip J. Berg.

D.A.G. Berg is the Plaintiff against Obama, what a very cool guy, American guy that is.

To the point. When you go to the

E-Magazine ‘Cover’, located on the right side is a video player with a woman and infant in the image. When you click the center arrowhead > the video will start.

This is an explosive investigative expose’ of the whether B. Hussein O. is not / or is a Natural American Born Citizen.

You yourself can decide the truth after you watch it.

BTW – Where are the newborn finger and footprints of baby Obama, assuming that Hawaii did that at the time.

Also: A correction. Jerome Corsi will not be on the America Betrayed show on Thursday as NWS advised. Mr. Corsi was overbooked by his staff and so will not be on the John Clark show.

Instead the American Hero Phillip J. Berg, will replace the missing Jerome Corsi.

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