Iraq War: Win, lose, or draw (win, leave, or redeploy.)

But, that was then; this is now. Now we are engaged in a war in


against all the Islamo-Fascists who can get there: Al Queda, Hezbala, Islamic Jihad, Hamas, local terrorists amongst the Shiia and Sunni factions, etc. They all hate us and their main battle cry is, "Kill Americans"!

Politicians seem to be split over


, as to whether to, Stay till we Win; Redeploy to somewhere else in the region; leave.

"Redeploying" would be looked upon as the same as losing.

I believe the only way to leave


with honor is to win unconditionally and with absolute victory.

Only when all the factions against us are defeated or leave the country, signifying their defeat, shall we be able to declare real victory and leave ourselves.

How to achieve that: President Bush's, "Stay the course", or "Temporary Troop surge" tactics will never win.

Asymmetric warfare must be countered with Overkill, not risking our soldier's lives with any more rules of engagement than, "See what you think to be the enemy; Kill him!" No courts Martial later by "Monday Morning Quarterbacks", or investigation of complaints from the enemy.

You don't rid a fly infested area with B-B guns. You use flame throwers.

In the case of Baquba, Mahmudiya, Fallujah,



and other known terrorist strongholds, you bomb them frequently and incessantly until the area is quiet.

Use Daisy Cutters. For those of you that don't know what that is, it is a 10,000 lb. canister filled with an air-fuel mixture which sprays out as it floats down on a parachute from a low flying C-141. At a predesignated altitude, it explodes with a fireball second only to a nuclear device.

An attack of 3 – 21 C-141s (depending on the size of the target) coming from different directions and with A-10 support to strafe the ground in the lead of the attack to keep enemy retaliation down, you would achieve the kind of "Shock and Awe" we need now to announce to the world, but, most of all, to our fanatic enemy, that we are still very much "In the fight", and "On the Hunt"!

Am I the only one out there "crying in the wilderness” for more bombs, not more troops? It seems so. Why?

Why will no politician proclaim more bombs as an alternative to not winning in


? They don't want to offend our Wahabi "friends" in

Saudi Arabia

, for fear they will cut off our oil.

This is nonsense.

The only thing any Arab or any other Muslim or Islamist understands is FORCE, the use of it, and the willingness to use more if some force does not convince the enemy to quit.

Our current "rules of engagement" seem to say we are more concerned about enemy civilians who may help their war effort against us than we are for our own civilian Week-end warriors.

Reservists, called to duty for long, repeated tours, laying down their lives, suffering "Battle Fatigue" and coming home in pieces so that said enemy civilians may, some day live in real peace.

Our professional Military too should not be asked to fight a war with one hand tied behind him and having to ask if the person he confronts on the field of battle is friend or foe before engaging him.

I want to remind you: We used overwhelming force in


and The Pacific, without concern for enemy "civilian" lives caught in the conflagration.

We won WWII.

The people at home are tired of the war. I don't blame them. 4 years after they were told it was over our troops are still suffering death, dismemberment, and mental illness while they get attacked by an enemy protected by "Political Correctness".

It is long overdue to use the power we have as the world's only Super Power to conclude this war with the Absolute Victory and Unconditional Surrender we achieved the last time we gave a darn about our troops, not to mention the psychological lift it would give the "Home front".

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