Iran Nuke Deal-Could Have Been Settled In Fifteen Minutes

 by George Weir –

 What seems like forever, we have been seeing Kerry and the rest of the lifeless figures just stare at each other, no emotion in their faces, no spontaneous outburst of anger from either side.  I suppose they are talking, or playing who can stare the longest without cracking a smile, hell I don’t know, all I know is this ain’t getting the job done.

On the first day, John Kerry and the rest of Presidents Obama’s party could have politely found their way to their designated seating spot and without hesitation laid their cards on the table.  After the cards have been presented let it be known that only a yes or no would be accepted, and that it shouldn’t take over fifteen minutes to make a decision.

The cards laid out on the table should have demanded that inspection from the IAEA should be conducting inspections on the spot without notification of any sort, and that all efforts toward making a nuclear bomb must stop, and also, even if it does hurt, we demand that you recognize Israel as your neighbor, and if you don’t live up to these demands some day in the near future you can expect to see bombers flying overhead.

Oh by the way, we expect all Americans citizens released from your prisons …Now … really that’s not so hard is it?

I realize that all this is pure nonsense, after all this country has been weakened by the policies of Barack Obama, and to the point that all we can expect to do is set day in and out looking at each other hoping that someone will blink the first, this could go for years, Oh that’s right it has gone on for years.

For us ole cowboys siting around the campfire listening to those in Washington trying to feed us full of bull about foreign policy and the enormous amount of time it’s takes to make deals, all we can come away with is this, “They must be working by the hour, else they would get the job done and come home”.

I don’t usually leave one subject and go to another, but, I have a few words for the LGBT community.

For most Americans we do understand that you have rights, but, get out of our face!!

See, we to have rights, and for many of us we believe our rights come from God, and that we are expected to live up to defending these rights.

I’ll make it simple, see God mad Man and woman, and for the purpose of populating the earth, and long time ago he gave the mandate that each must leave mother and father and cling to each other as one, and if you will look closely, it works.

I’ll be blunt, when I see a man having a baby conceived by another man, then I will concede, “Let them marry”, but until that happens, forget being united under the banner of “we have our rights”.

In the states of Indiana and Arkansas there is a battle raging over the rights of the LGBT community and those of strong religious beliefs, and my fear is this, the governors of each state will fold like a wet dishrag, and neither will have the fire in the belly to stand on the convictions that they first started with when forming these bill that would give protection the those of moral conviction and preserving their right of those that feel that is their right to follow their heart concerning things spiritual.

Yes, we can all live in this world, but my word to the LGBT community, listen to your parents, they will lead you into the truth.

Yes you have rights, but dammit, we do too.  You see ‘right; is a two way street.

To the Governors of Indiana and Arkansas, please don’t trample on those things which God himself ordained, if we start going down that path, we will be pleading for his help, but it may be slow coming.

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