Insanity: American Liberal’s Neurotic Placating of Islamic Murderers

These are the same people who kept giving bullies their lunch money in school to temporarily avoid a sock in the nose. There is no level at which weak dhimmis who carry water for Islam and do great damage to Americans will grovel with our sworn enemies to avoid conflict; even if it means handing-over YOUR money to temporarily soothe the savage beast. Under United States law, aiding and abetting killers is called “guilty.”

Hillary Clinton, another Saul Alinsky Communist trained lefty and Obama’s chimera has announced a multi-million dollar giveaway for Palestinian students to enroll at American universities. “Palestine,” who this week celebrated the 1978 coastal road massacre in which 13 Israeli children and 25 adult civilians were murdered with an hour-long televised special . The least educated Bedouin Muslims know weak, liberal American politicians will reward them for killing Jews and Christians.

How many American kids could benefit from these U.S. taxpayer gifts? Let’s not only continue to import Arab terrorist bombers; let’s pay them! Hillary’s generosity comes on the heels of the new pro-Arab administration giving Gaza Arabs $900 million reconstruction dollars (which will be used by Hamas to buy weapons) and 20.3 million resettlement dollars to immigrate to America (while Hamas continues to fire rockets into Israel.) It was no accident that Hillary Clinton chose to write her senior Wellesley College thesis about Saul Alinsky. Hillary was a huge fan of the radical socialist and is well versed on the Cloward-Piven Strategy of forcing political change through manufactured crisis. Manufactured? 1400 years of Jihad and 270 million dead. Muslims mean business and will take all the money ignorant liberals are willing to hand-over. The only thing accomplished here will be: American’s supporting the murder of Christians and Jews.

Pandering to murdering Islamists is merely a continuation of the open borders, and economic integration to advance the agenda of globalization. Flooding a nation with a class that will vote Socialist and Marxist for years to come strengthens your ultimate agenda. The Marxist regime in Washington is using the unabated import of Mexicans and Muslims as a ram to crush our identity, culture, Christian religion and national states in the name of globalism the same way Europe is changing their demographic composition to wipe-out white European culture while making the brutal customs imported by Muslim immigrants sacrosanct. The same Marxist regime in our White House that cuts medical care for United States military veterans but rewards Marxist Mexican La Raza with a million tax dollars, and millions more for: A Montana World Trade Center, bike paths in Illinois, swine odor and manure management in Iowa, and $7.7 billion in similar pork projects.

As Hillary grovels and spends your money to appease bloodthirsty Muslims in the Gaza, right here at home Minnesota Muslim Senator Keith Ellison has put-together a program for Muslims who want to buy a home but don’t want to break Islam’s Sharia law about interest. This program is administered by the state’s housing agency which will buy homes with taxpayers’ dollars and resell them to Muslims, breaking the church-state separation law. Think the ACLU will touch this one? Think again. Whatever it takes to “de-Caucasian,” or “de-Christian,“ and pay-off Muslim murderers in America is legal in the eyes of leftist lunatics.

Fourteen million Americans are out of work and this administration is giving away our bank, your money, to murdering Muslims, who will only ask for more. Is the hatred for America within the Obama administration that great? Is the rush to get our sovereign nation Islamicized and globalized so critical that American families are to be sacrificed? Ask yourself these questions, and then write a short note to your elected Washington thief and ask him/her the same question. At this current rate of cultural destruction we will be Europe in 5 years; an Islamic state in ten.

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