Inflated Gas Prices: Is there any end in sight, or are we doomed?

…. American's are forced to seek out other forms of transportation for getting themselves from point A to point B.

Democrat's and Republicans continue to point fingers at one another arguing which party they feel is too blame for the recent gas crisis.

With the National Average reaching $3.79 per gallon of regular gas, it's no wonder more and more People are leaving their vehicles parked in their driveways at home, and turning towards other alternatives such as public transportation as a means of getting around. Bus systems alone have seen a steady increase in it's public usage as the gas crisis continues to cripple the Country. Auto markets have also seen it's effects, with it's consumers turning towards more economical and affordable vehicles.

Even the very food we place on our tables isn't spared by it's costly effects, forcing food prices at the market to climb higher and higher as the growing price of gas continues to bare it's ugly head. So is their any kind of relief insight for drivers, and if not, what can American's expect? Experts forecast a continued increase in gasoline prices at the pump as summer season approaches, and has also predicted that People will probably end up taking less vacations this season and those that do, will most likely choose a destination closer to home.

Right now, Washington is working tirelessly to come up with a solution that would help bring current gas prices down. One idea being thrown around, is to stop filling the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, but that is still yet too be seen.

All American's can really do now is just sit back and wait, and hope that their night mare will soon come too pass, but lets try and remember how the old saying goes, what goes up, must come down, or at least we would like to think so.

Written BY: Robert Michael Hensel

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