Incest The American Welfare Epidemic

by Barry Weinstein –

Brothers and Sisters, as I write this, are involved in incestuous relations all across the welfare communities in America.

Not knowing exactly who the father of a child is within these populations is the singular cause of this problem.

The federal government knows or should know about this. After all aren’t they telling everyone what to do and how to live and don’t they have masses of consultants and other ‘professionals’ involved in the enormous welfare programs. I posit that the leaders of the democrat / liberal / progressives are well aware of this debacle. Just like abortion targets minorities, obviously so does welfare.

On the O’Reilly factor, perhaps a year or so ago, Mr. O’Reilly pointed out one man that had 8 or 18 children all from different mothers, the point being that he was not paying child support so the they were all on welfare.

Unbeknownst to the children of the welfare ‘beneficiaries’ is that they are in fact committing incest on a massive scale or so it seems, not to mention getting impregnated and creating another generation prone to incest.

There is a taboo in every culture and society against incest.

It is against nature, the law and well-being of the children and the civilization within which they reside.

The question “Who’s your daddy” takes on new meaning now. It is not merely an insult.
How many generations has this been going on is unclear and some research by the federal government must be undertaken.

Welfare was promulgated by the Democrats in the President F.D. Roosevelt administration in 1935 and is the source of the problem. However, the policy that the more children one has the more money the Federal Government will provide and the fact that if there is no male / father living in the home will also provide the ‘beneficiary’ with more money is the cause of this genetic disaster affecting the minority communities the most.

Monica Crowley announced on The O’Reilly Factor: The welfare program in this country was geared toward building incentives so that women would have more and more children out of wedlock because they would get more money based on a child.
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According to Gretchen Carlson on the O’Reilly Factor Thursday night (5/17/12):
In 2010, 72.5% of all black births were to single parents, 53.35 of all Hispanic births, 29% of the Caucasian births. Read more at


Blacks make up less than 12.6% of the population and are 34% of all recipients. Whites are over 72.4% of the total US population and are 31% of recipients. Hispanics are 16.3% of the general population and in the last decade have gone from 15% to 28% of recipients. Asians are equivalent to Whites. Asians and Whites fare better in ever worsening percentages for all races when looked at in proportion to their representation in the population.

Do the numbers. Take a population of three hundred million + and then take 12% — that’s 36 million — and then take 72% of that and we get about 21 million fatherless children, then multiply that by the many generations. That is a big number.

The solution is likely for those that get married, genetic testing. For those that do not get married there seems to be no answer I can think of.

Obama has recently exacerbated the problem by changing the welfare requirements.

The crime of sexual relations or marriage taking place between a male and female who are so closely linked by blood or affinity that such activity is prohibited by law.
Incest is a statutory crime, often classified as a felony. The purpose of incest statutes is to prevent sexual intercourse between individuals related within the degrees set forth, for the furtherance of the public policy in favor of domestic peace. The prohibition of intermarriage is also based upon genetic considerations, since when excessive inbreeding takes place, undesirable recessive genes become expressed and genetic defects and disease are more readily perpetuated. In addition, the incest taboo is universal in human culture.

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