In War – Lawyers Must Sit Down And Shut Up!

To all Democrat lawyers in Congress and running for the office of the President and V.P., calling for “Surrender” in


, please take note.

Congress must go now and peddle its hysterical “Political Correctness” and unique mental dysfunction, to the Muslim terrorists. Stop the “PC” deception of the gullible and peaceful American’s. Someone, partaking in this Muslim Terrorist caused conflict will in fact declare “Victory”. That someone must be



The synonym for victory is to “triumph or win”. I provide this for all of you “PC” politicians, or is it the lawyers in Congress, that have in fact stated or is it not, inquired too often: “What does the definition of “winning” mean?”

Although my reply is redundant, the repetition of this definitive answer to that stupid “PC” question above is: Winning is Victory and historically speaking definitions it means someone is the winner! It certainly does not mean a plea agreement, by definition.

For the lawyers’ who are now sitting in the Congress to offer any mass murdering terrorists — who are openly and thus clearly stating, their purpose and Evil intentions regarding the complete destruction of America — some kind of a “payoff’ for peace is only moronic, at best. It will not work!

Take for an example the terrorists activities over this weekend and also today carried out by those “Peaceful Muslims” who schemed to violently and explosively attack


’s peaceful




, and they actually succeeded and harmed the peaceful people in


, for no logical reason other than the entire worlds Conquest for “Islam” by way of terrorism.

This is WAR not Law! Lawyer’s who are unconstitutionally occupying both the Judicial and Legislative Branches of the United States Government simultaneously. They must all sit down and shut up! Shut up before you get more American’s killed. Just as the Lawyer and former President Bill Clinton did, as he was occupying the Executive Branch, while being a life time member of the Judicial Branch.

Today, right now


is a nation at war.


is not a law office wherein a lawyer would sit on their “perch” just waiting for someone to need a lawyers help. Such a common perception is only due to a rumor of lawyer’s alleged legal training. Notably and however the rumor mentioned is not necessarily Constitutional training.

In fact, I am advised that the lawyers “BAR” exam contains less than 10% of its score regarding the United States Constitution. So that anyone can pass the “exam”, get approved to “practice law” and yet have actually failed to accurately answer any Constitutional Question, correctly. The American People are not bales of cotton or merely human capital as most lawyers have been trained to believe. The Constitution of the

United States

is not a bargaining tool for Lawyers to use to negotiate the destruction of


. So, lawyers must just sit down and shut up, when as here it is a matter of survival in a time of WAR.

Warriors walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Let


fight to ‘WIN”! For all of you in Congress win actually means: “defeating the sworn and avowed enemies” of



To err is Human to be defeated is Unthinkable! Lawyers in Congress must sit down and shut up!

President Bush is not a lawyer and as such has prospects for being a great and famous war time "general" as commander in chief, according to history. [This also applies to John McCain and Sarah Palin.]

I have researched, to some degree, the issue of famous military generals who were also lawyers. I cannot find one. Lawyers do not make great military generals, history reveals, and certainly not any Democrat, liberal, progressive lawyers.

War, that is in fact the American Revolutionary War, preceded the U.S. Constitution. The Revolutionary War was not fought and won by a famous lawyer military general. Spies and traitors at that time are today's equivalent of terrorists. Spies did not wear uniforms nor act as conventional soldiers. They were coercively interrogated and then hung or shot. No court order was necessary to investigate and trap them and their co-conspirators.

Only the left objects through its Democratic lawyer-general "wanna-bees" forsaken by history itself.

Our most famous general, George Washington, of the American Revolution, was not a lawyer.

Another was Gen. George Patton of World War II. He was not a lawyer either.

Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower of World War II was not a lawyer.

In more recent times, there is Gen. Tommy Franks, who is not a lawyer.

Clearly, the liberals — who I'll call "lawyers pretending to be generals" — are critics of President Bush. They are Democratic lawyers, with one leg in each of the two branches of government simultaneously. The "make believe" military generals such as Senators Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, Charles Schumer, Russ Feingold, Ted Kennedy and the rest of the more than 50 percent of the senators who are also "officers of the courts" are clearly incapable of predicting the past in order to properly protect the future. Thus they are endangering


's future, for they doom us to repeat history.

Notably, Democratic President Bill Clinton was a lawyer and he performed very poorly in the defense of



Therefore, my advice to the lawyers in whatever part of the government they serve: Leave well enough alone, for they now tread heavily on the tranquility of the American people, through being "stuck on stupid" about how to wage war.

Once the constant carping by the Democratic lawyers and their champions in the smug "liberal" media see that "General" George W. Bush wins the war in


, I believe that "they" will all together be done for. Time will continue to prove the great "General" Bush was, and is, correct on the war on terror methods.

Lawyers, as we all know, are trained to defend anyone. That is to say they are trained to both prosecute someone based upon the alleged facts and at the same time be able to defend anyone based upon the same set of facts. This seems to surgically remove the conscience of the individual. What is right? What is wrong? That is no way to fight a war.

It also seems that there are those who are not affected by this law school brain washing process. Mostly I notice that those who are or become conservatives politically are the unaffected. There maybe more here than meets my eye!

It seems to me that there is now a "six star" general serving as our President. Mr. Bush, pay the pretenders no mind. You are the commander in chief for and of the defense of


. Give the Enemies of America Havoc not Political Correctness. It is


, its military now defending its people that are the peace loving Humans, not the “Muslim Terrorists” and their supporters.

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