In These Perilous Times …

… complete commitment to the mission and with absolute individual determination" (Bill Johnson)

On rare occasions in life one experiences serendipitous encounters with political candidates of sincere conviction. Recently I attended a Tea Party in Lexington, KY hosted by the Kentucky Chapter of the 9.12 "We Surround Them" Project. The sole political candidate who attended to personally meet the participants, Bill Johnson, courteously offered me a four page newspaper. He said, "Hello. I'm Bill Johnson. I am a 10 year military veteran, 13 year businessman, and concerned citizen who has never run for office. I am tired of the nonsense coming out of Washington and it is time for citizens to retake our nation. Please support my campaign for the United States Senate seat currently occupied by the retiring Senator Jim Bunning (R-KY)."

Sure. Another political campaign, another political candidate, another political pitch. Little did I know I had just met a man of meritorious Naval service and true grit who is compelled to effect change in our country's course. After reading Bill's history and platform during the Tea Party, I answered, "Yes. I'll help you." Here was a man who presented an unassuming, modest, and genuine first impression. Our subsequent conversations and correspondence revealed a man of deep personal commitment to his God, country and family which emulated from his core convictions of personal ethic and strong moral character. My motive in supporting Bill is very simple. I believe he possesses remarkable and admirable strength of character to again serve his country over his opponents.

Bill's platform is straightforward: limited government, low taxes, strong military, gun ownership, marriage between one man and one woman, winning the war against terror, medical tort reform, NO to socialized health care, YES to limited health care reform, full support of our military services in harm's way, and ensuring the preservation of life for the unborn. He is a Ronald Reagan Republican in every way. You can listen to a recent 9 minute stump speech in Murray Kentucky at

I am not another political supporter offering platitudes with personal expectations. I am a special forces veteran and citizen impressed by man who is making personal sacrifices to ensure we continue to have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. He simply believes in the Constitution of the United States and the greatness of our country. The fact he has never been in office is exactly what is needed at this point in our history.

Bill has achieved some significant endorsements. Dr. Alan Keyes, former Ambassador to the United Nations and Assistant Secretary of State under President Reagan, Mr. Bob Heft, designer of the 50 Star American Flag, and America’s Independent Party. You can read the full text of the endorsements on his website This is an impressive achievement from a man who only started his political career in June with no party backing or sources of funding.

If your impression is the same as mine, please forward this article to everyone you might know in Kentucky and those in positions of influence that could help Bill. Also, Bill has been self funding but he is a man of modest means. Our financial support for him is needed. Please consider a contribution if you are able by going to his website . All American citizens can contribute financially regardless of location.

The assistance I'm respectfully asking of you is actually more than necessary campaign contributions, much more. I'm asking you to join Bill Johnson in his heroic effort to win a hard fought political battle against his heavily funded (political and "other"), opponents,Trey Grayson and Rand Paul, in the Kentucky May 18 primary. His mission is defined. It is time for us to help him execute the mission strategy.

On behalf of my new friend and candidate for the U.S. Senate, I extend to each of you my personal gratitude for your consideration.

Dr. David M. Duncan

Lexington, KY

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