In The Land Of The 3 Monkeys—2008-20??

In, “The Land of the Blind” – the sighted man would be king?

Not in the Made for TV movie of that name. A man was acting as though he was out of his mind, proclaiming he ought to be king, after all, he could “see”. The people felt sorry for the distraught man and took him to their Board of Governors. They felt all over him and discovered, on either side of his nose, a strange bulge no one else had. They decided that if he had those strange bulges surgically removed, he might recover from his crazed state and become “normal”.

In, “The Emperor Has No Clothes”, the Emperor actually went around naked but every citizen was too afraid of his regime to call attention to that fact.

Of course, in my lead in, I misquoted the actual content of the Chinese code of conduct.

Today, the third monkey is saying evil about everyone who has a contrary point of view, and not saying anything about The Evil going on in the world.

Today, even though every body knows the person acting as President is not eligible for the office, even dissidents are talking about his inept administration; how he gets Congress to pass bad bills that ought to be repealed; how his current strategy in Afghanistan will only get more American troops killed, but nothing about removing The Man himself.

The following is an excerpt from an E-mail I received lately from Neil B. Turnerof Citizens for the Constitution . Neil can be reached at NBTurner@Earthlink.netfor your own unabridged copy that you can send to your whole mail-list so we can get this word out to many more people and city councils than I can alone.

“All of D.C. knows* that Obama is ineligible for the Office of President and Commander in Chief (he is not a ‘Natural Born citizen’ – as required by Article II of our as-yet un-amended Constitution).


The Supreme Court knows! Pelosi (and the DNC) knows! Congress knows! The Press knows! The Judiciary knows! The Military knows!”

Neil takes you through the proposed defense for Lt. Col Terry Lakin. Again, I quote from the E-Mail:

“Lt. Col Terry Lakin, a decorated and honorable Army officer, has taken the stand that ALL military personnel (officers and enlisted alike) should now take – that it is their sworn duty to not obey any orders that originate from an admitted illegitimate Commander in Chief, – until his legitimacy can be proven, or he is removed and replaced by a Constitutionally legitimate one.”

He sights various arguments from prior military trials and from

Source note: “Military Law and Precedents”: A Martial Law Classic

“Written by William Winthrop (1831 – 1899),


United States Army, second edition (1895) is the revision and enlargement of the work.

Colonel Winthrop formally held the position of

Judge Advocate General,

U.S. Army.

This case is of the utmost importance not just to The Military and their chain of command, but to everyone! Every citizen should know his President IS eligible to serve as President! An imposter is leading us down a “Primrose Path” now and must be stopped!

I read through his E-mail with the feeling that I was a “Stranger in a


Land”, and there was no way home.

The blind are leading the sighted and suggesting that their eyes be removed so they do not act in a provocative way about what they see around them.

A case in point? “Birthers”: even Barry Soetoro, president de facto, makes jokes about the people who ask, “Where’s the Long Form Birth Certificate”, as though that would “Prove” he was born in


The real truth is kept quiet by the media monkeys: No matter where he was born, his father was NEVER a citizen of the

United States of America, and, therefore, Soetoro’s presidency violates Article II of The United States Constitution!

The press monkeys are speaking evil about everything that could be blamed on ex-President Bush, The Republicans in Congress, and Big Business, but are very quiet about what is wrong with an ineligible president in The White House.

We don’t have to, “Fire Pelosi”! Even if re-elected, she will not sit as Speaker if there is no Democrat Majority. Even if there is, the House gets to elect their Speaker in each new congress.

We don’t have to Stop Obama Care NOW!

As soon as the usurper is unseated, (as long as it is done by finding him ineligible and he does not complete his current term, thus setting a precedent), every bill he ever signed will be up for dissolution.

I was left with the question which I sent to Neil by direct reply:

Where are the MP's to march in and arrest the imposter???? Let's get moving on this!!!!

His return reply was a plan, that, if put into action by a lot of people soon enough, will culminate in the peaceful overthrow of this Naked Emperor.

Again, form his E-Mail:

“Here’s where it must happen first – at the grass roots level, and following that are the first shots fired in this campaign – in



Check them out below:

Calling all patriots to local, grassrootsaction now!

Introduction to the MAYORS-CITY COUNCILS ‘Stop the Treason’ CAMPAIGN”

I suggest interested parties – those who will want to put this plan into action — get their own copy of the E-Mail directly from

Turner’s E-mail is too long; I feel to be reproduced in full here.

GET YOUR OWN whole, unabridged copy of this very convincing, very emotional, and very thorough story, plan, and all the supporting links.

The links are very important.

In case you do not care to disturb Mr. Turner, write to me and I will be happy to forward you my copy. Bill Ascherfeld, e-mail:

Bill Ascherfeld attended


University and graduated from

San Diego

State with A BA degree in Political Science, History and Economics. He served with The Third Armored Division in

Germany in 1956-57 and is currently residing in

San Diego,

California. He can be reached for comment by E-mailing

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