In Re: Michael Savage & Britain M.P. J. Smith

Dear Jacqui,

Can I call you Jaqui, or, should I be more deferential and refer to you as M.P. Smith, or, Ms. Secretary? or Ms. HS?

Well, whatever. I shall presume that Jaqui is O.K. You may call me Bill.

I am infuriated that I did not make the Michael Savage List!

I am at least as good a candidate for that list as he. I am a White Male American.

I believe in the freedom of speech, right to carry (a firearm), and all tenets of the United States Constitution + at least the first 10 amendments, AKA, "The Bill of Rights"!

My last name is Ascherfeld, a German name. (although I have about 1/4 Scott and 1/4 Irish ancestry) I might be thought of as Pure Aryan.

I am Pro Life. (as in, NOT pro abortion!)

I am Pro The Sacrament of Matrimony which, according to natural and Christian law can only be between One Male and One Female, till DEATH do them part!

I am Pro Right to Carry. (a loaded firearm)

I am Pro Borders, Language and Culture.

I am Pro the Correct interpretation of the XIVth Amendment which DOES NOT, (if you know how to read the English language) say that any pregnant woman, just by dropping her spawn across the border in the Territory of The United States of America would have that spawn guaranteed to be a citizen of The United States of America, although the current government has been careless in that interpretation for longer than I care to cite.

I am also a veteran of The United States Army who came back from a year overseas in

Germany with the 3rd Armored Division which, I am sure, gave me some anti-Liberal-Leftist-Socialist-Democrat-party thoughts.

Jacqui, if all that is not enough to get me a seat on that list, right under Michael Savage, then you should destroy the list before you are accused of favoritism by your own Parliament!

But, just in case I still have a chance to qualify for that list, let me give you more reasons to put me on it:

I am Anti Hezbollah.

I am Anti Hamas.

I am Anti Al-Quaeda.

I am Anti La Raza.

I am Anti MeCha, and a few others, not generally well enough known to be mentioned here, like, MS-13 and CAIR and, "Anti" isn't the half of it!

I have written to various members The Congress of The United States of America asking them to propose a bill (and get it passed and signed by The President) to find that the above mentioned organizations of which I am "Anti", be found to be Subversive Organizations and outlawed in this country and have them and all their membership thrown out of the country as persona non Grata, seeking the overthrow of These United States by force.

I suggest to you, Your Grace, (does appointing an MP to HS grant you a Lordship?, or, are you already from The House of Lords, I don't know.) that you consider that action be taken up by The British Parliament too.

Please send this e-mail, in its entirety and unabridged, to The London Times, and ask if they would like to print it.


Bill Ascherfeld

Mr. Ascherfeld graduated from SDSU with a BA degree in Political Science, Economics, and History. He servedin The Army withThe 3rd Armored Division in

Germany, 1956-57. He is now involved with a no side effects health supplement that successfully defends against Swine and other flu andmany degenerative diseases. For more info, check out,, or contact him at

Subject: To the personal attn. of:

Jacqui Smith,

England's first female Home Secretary


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