In Consideration Of “COLD DEAD HANDS”

by George Wilson –

Recently, Mr. Jim Cary, mocked Charlton Heston, the Second Amendment and gun owners in general in a video. His disrespect for the great actor, a man of character and integrity was in reference to Mr. Heston’s expressed sentiment that he would not give up his gun echoing the now famous quote, “From my cold dead hands!” It is my understanding that Mr. Cary, devoid of any ability toward an eloquent use of the English language, recently used social media to refer to supporters of our constitution, in degenerate and filthy-mouthed, ghetto terms. Really!

Mr. Cary has made a good living from doing what comes quite naturally to him, namely, being a comedian, buffoon and in general making an ass of himself. I can easily understand how anyone who represents faith, moral values and integrity would be an anathema to him.
I would like to explain something to Mr. Cary about cold dead hands that he and his minions apparently have not considered. I would like to point Mr. Cary to two groups of “cold dead hands” from recent history.

There were millions of people who were murdered and are being murdered today, because they were first disarmed and then slaughtered. There were six million Jews who died horrible deaths in Nazi concentration camps and the black slaves in our own country, who were not allowed to own guns, and were therefore murdered. Add to that the millions and millions of cold dead hands that were slaughtered or starved to death under the communist regimes of Mao and Stalin. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Just look up the word, “democide” for the numbers. Please consider those cold dead hands, Mr. Cary.

And of equal importance to Americans, please give consideration to all those graves at Arlington that are now occupied by men and women who fought and died, from the American Revolution to Afghanistan. Their hands are cold and dead because they loved their Country and the Constitution and The Bill of Rights and were willing to pay the ultimate price so that someone with minimal reasoning, like you, Mr. Cary, could broadcast their ignorance to the world with no fear of physical retribution, thanks to the First Amendment and the cold dead hands that provided it.

I encourage Mr. Cary, not to take my word for it. The next time he is in Washington, DC for a Whitehouse party, I suggest he and this current president take a walk across the Mall to the Holocaust Museum and then to the Viet Nam War memorial. Then pause to consider all of those Cold Dead Hands and what they represent!

Oh, yes, as for those innocent people and those innocent children who were killed at the hands of murderers, we all hate the actions of those killers. But, it was not what was in their hands that made them killers. It was what was in their hearts! And I further suggest that the fault and responsibility for such massacres lies not so much with the inanimate weapons used in those crimes, as it does with useful idiots like you, Ms. Feinstein, Mr. Bloomberg, Mr. Cuomo, etc. who all have armed body guards, while at the same time insisting that all others remain helpless and defenseless…”like lambs to the slaughter”. Had those demented souls even suspected that the people in that theatre or the teachers in that school might, just might, have been armed I suggest that those killers would have gone elsewhere. Do you think the Muslim murderer at Fort Hood would have even attempted his jihad if those soldiers were all armed? Wake up!

One more thing, Mr. Cary: you are persona non grata! It would have been better to have kept your mouth shut and allowed people to suspect that you are a fool, than to have opened it and provided indisputable proof of the fact. While this writer’s hands are still warm and alive, they will never again be used to open my wallet to hand over my money in support of you or any other of your degenerate ilk. And I encourage all of my fellow Americans to do likewise. March 26, 2013

George Wilson

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